Saturday, 21 February 2009

Although the afternoon gave some nice warm spells of sunshine, my mornings walk took place in dull conditions, as the sun remained stubbornly behind the the third of the sky that had cloud cover! Not a bad tally was had though, 49 species in all, and the 17th was a PEREGRINE that flew over the tree nursery carrying a large item of prey, this is the second time i've seen it carrying it's prey back to the tower at this time of morning. Also on the raptor front, a large female SPARROWHAWK and a KESTREL were both seen over the maize stubbles. FIELDFARE and REDWING were in short supply, with just a dozen of the former seen, perched in a large ash tree, with two of the latter. The hedgerow I walk along to get from the tree nursery to migrant alley, had two MEADOW PIPITS sitting on it, and as I checked them out, a GREY HERON flew low over. A look at the wildbird crop at the west end of ashes lane was a delight, as I stopped to count the flock, a tractor drove up the hedge lined side road, flushing all the birds from the hedge and crop, I initially thought about 10 YELLOWHAMMER and 15 REED BUNTING were there, but as the flock took to the sky I could see 60 birds easily, most of which were Reed Buntings, a really good count of the latter for an inland area. In the wet woods I encountered all those sometimes hard to find species that can often elude me, not often that happens, 5 Tit species, NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER, GOLDCREST, and SISKIN were all vocal. The lake area continues to disappoint, with just MALLARD and CANADA GOOSE present, and the MOORHENS chasing each other across the top of the water. It looks more and more like i'll have to wait until early next winter to get some duck species now, if any at all. ( including that darn Coot!).

As I walked up to my house the sun predictably broke through, and I snapped a pic. of GREENFINCH at the feeders in the back garden. (below)

Below is a Male CHAFFINCH. It was belting out it's song from one of the posts in the Raspberry cane area.
Below is the Female Sparrowhawk that was hunting for most of the morning

A quick venture out into the garden this afternoon produced my first Bumble bee of the year,
And a good show of Crocus


Greenie said...

Warren ,
You are unlikely to get a Coot if you keep referring to it in such profane terms !
Your Bumble Bee looks as if it has just come out of the pub , did it ?No Buzzards today , just one Sparrowhawk of note , in wall to wall sunshine all day !

Kelly said...

...I think our bumblebees are still shivering in their hives. It will be nice when they wake up and venture out. Pretty flowers!

darrell j prest said...

ahhh you have loads of great birds,more than me! but im finding it hard to get the motavation at the moment! a few more weeks of hibernation then the 'with' here i come

Warren Baker said...

Greenie, the sun shines on the righteous ?

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Well I'm happy you could go out too and it was a quite good day for you!!!