Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tree Nursery with Greenhouses in backgound.

More fog this morning, so that took care of any bird sightings on the way to work :-) but again, once the fog had gone, it was another sunny and warm day.

This afternoons patch visit was a dull affair, I started by crossing the Tree Nursery (photo above) In here were GREEN WOODPECKER and a couple of MAGPIES. The nursery leads on to the next field, I call this Marchants field (below)

This was part of the Tree Nursery until last year. It has now gone over to sheep grazing, the trees in the background are the wet woods. Nothing at all was seen here, unsurprisingly ! When it was full of trees I had such goodies as Snipe, Woodcock, Reed and Sedge Warbler as well as a Firecrest one year. Before it was a tree nursery it was a rough weedy field in which Grey partridge frequented, a species now extinct on my pacth :-(

Next it was on to the Pub Field, with the Maize crop in it, which is shortly to be harvested. (below)

The footpath runs up the hedgerow for about 250m and on to Migrant Alley. To the left of this photo is the run off pool, there were a few Common Darters seen on it today, and 2 CHIFFCHAFFS in the surrounding trees. The hedgerow didn't have any goodies in it today, just BLUE and GREAT TIT, DUNNOCK, ROBIN and a WREN.
Over at Migrant Alley it was the same as the past two visits, Mostly Corvids, with the majority of these being Rooks (below) with small numbers of JACKDAW and the odd CARRION CROW amongst them. 5 SWALLOWS were over the fields, but not a single House Martin was seen today.
The only other birds of note here were two flyover Raptor species, the KESTREL and the PEREGRINE, as well as a single YELLOWHAMMER, and 8 MEADOW PIPITS. I think I need a change in the wind direction, to shake things up a bit on my patch, the months list has stalled completely!


Derek Faulkner said...


I think your getting too blaise, you see far more birds than most people each day, but never mind, cold winds and rain are forecast, the sun and warmth are finally going!

Warren Baker said...

There's a few of birds I'm not seeing on my patch that I should be ! Like Song Thrush and the finch's. The only finch's are at my feeders :-)

Phil said...

It's not just your patch Warren. There are hardly any finches showing at NH at the moment. I've seen just one Chaffinch in recent weeks for example, and only one Song Thrush which I tried to turn into a Redwing but to no avail!

JDS said...

I find myself wondering how similar some of the birds you mention (the kestrels, magpies, and peregrines) are to the birds we call by those names in the U.S. And that's a great picture of the Pub Field, by the way!

Anonymous said...

It`ll be all change from friday Warren. Fingers crossed, hey.

Derek Faulkner said...


Don't forget that Greenfinches and Chaffinchs have been the worst victims of that parasite that's been killing them this summer. Greenfinches have completely disappeared from my garden now after finding several dead ones in recent weeks.
Song Thrushes here on Sheppey have been almost rare for a few years.