Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I had a few jobs to do during today, so patch visits were fragmented. I did get out for an hour early on, when there was a bit of sunshine and little wind, making the morning feel pleasant, but the hunt for my 3 target species - Mistle Thrush, Coal Tit, and Long Tailed Tit, to get the months list to 50 was not a success.

The early visit was spent over at the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley, the female of the KESTREL pair was on the Greenhouse roof again, whilst below it, in the brambles, a pair of WHITETHROATS were scolding me as I watched them carry food to their young.
Kestrel ( yesterdays photo, as was the one below)
Female Kestrel
Whitethroat, again these were taken yesterday
A circuit of Migrant Alley was made, in the hope of seeing a very early passage migrant, but nothing was seen on the fence lines today, apart from this young ROOK
Later in the morning I went over to the Scrubby Woods, but by then it was all very quiet, and sky had turned grey, however, I did get to see one of my target species, a COAL TIT (48) but there was no sign of either a Mistle Thrush or Long Tailed Tit.

This afternoon I had to wait at home for a man to give us a quote for some work on the house, but this turned out to be fortunate in the end, for as I was watching the garden feeders I had a very surprising visit from two SISKIN (49) a female and an immature bird, an excellent addition for the July list  :-)  This species is normally only a late autumn/winter visitor here, summer records are few, but one did flyover at the end of July last year, and an immature bird was seen on my feeders back in June 2002 which stayed around for 3 days, the only other 'out of season' record was of a pair on my garden feeders in May 2004.

I got a record shot of the immature Siskin from my window, then set up in my garden shed to await their return, but they failed to turn up again, but a NUTHATCH sat and posed nicely, before the rain set in  :-)
Siskin ( this ones been ringed)
A clear schedule tomorrow, so I should be able to search for the Mistle Thrush and Long Tailed Tit  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Nice clear shots Warren. I hopefully have a few nice shots later of a very special new dragonfly I saw today for the first time.

Warren Baker said...

Sounds intriguing Marc, i'll have a look later tonight :-)

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, Well done on the garden Siskins especially the juvenile :-) I only see them (the adults) in my area in late winter and early spring. Great pics again, love the Kestrel!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

That's the joy of birding Warren - you really don't know what's going to turn up...never expect the expected and always expect something unexpected



Sharon said...

Lovely photos again Warren.
I get Siskins all year round now - they're a permanent fixture on the nyger feeder :)

Phil said...

Summer Siskins are a bit of a nice surprise Warren.
Great Kestrel shots!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
Siskins are really only a winter bird here too!

Warren Baker said...

Permanent Siskins! Must be nice :-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Wish we had that clear blue sky back again .