Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pittswood sunrise
It was good to be out this morning, the weather was very pleasant with blue skies and little wind, making it feel warm in the sunshine.

I spent 4 hours out, and found 45 species, which is around average for a March day, although none were new to the months or year list. I made my way over to the lakes first thing to see if I could find the Water Rail that was reported in a nearby garden yesterday, but despite getting there early and spending an hour watching and waiting I had no luck  :-( Whilst I waited I heard and saw plenty of local species, BULLFINCH, NUTHATCH, COAL TIT, SISKIN, GREAT SPOTTED and GREEN WOODPECKERS, GOLDCREST and LONG TAILED TIT all put in an appearance, while overhead a small flock of FIELDFARE headed North East.

After my fruitless vigil I had a walk through the Scrubby Woods, where I came across a mix of species all alarming at something in a row of tall leyandi type trees, CHAFFINCH, MISTLETHRUSH, SONGTHRUSH, BLACKBIRD and even a Goldcrest were all getting very agitated at the presence of a probable Tawny owl, I looked for ages but couldn't see it, a pity as I haven't yet added one to the year list!

A check of the lakes was not too rewarding, just the MALLARDS, MOORHENS, and MUTE SWANS as usual, but the other regulars, the COOT pair, had been joined by a third bird, 3 Coot on these lakes is exceptional!
Mallard, this was one of a pair at a large puddle by the Greenhouse Copse
Out on the fields it was very much an average type day, with LINNET, SKYLARK, PHEASANT, ROOK, JACKDAW, CARRION CROW, WOOD PIGEON and STARLING all seen feeding, 2 STOCK DOVES seen on the Ashes Lane Field gave me hope that there is something out there worth eating for the birds, maybe something interesting may drop in this spring.
Blackbird at the Greenhouse Grounds
A forty minute sky watch was enjoyable more for the warm sun on my face than what was seen, but I did also enjoy watching 3 BUZZARDS soaring low over the Greenhouse Grounds, and later one was displaying over the Wet Woods - maybe a pair will breed on my patch for the first time ? Just One Gull flew over, That was a HERRING GULL, apart from that the most noteworthy species were 4 REDWING that headed East. The female KESTREL was seen at the Greenhouse Grounds as I walked home from a very enjoyable walk in the sunshine  :-)

By mid day the sunshine was over and the cloud streamed in, but not before I got a few shots of the Bumble Bees on my garden Crocus'.  Up to 8 Siskin are still at my garden feeders, plus the male LESSER REDPOLL, but it was too dull for any successful photo's of them  :-(
Bumblebee species
Busy Bumblebee
Hoverfly species


Chris Rohrer said...

Stunning photos Warren. That first shot is absolutely breathtaking!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Chris, very kind of you to say :-)

Marc Heath said...

Christ Warren, that first shot is first class, in fact brilliant.

Warren Baker said...

You flatter me Marc :-)

I want to try that effect with my macro set up :-) Worth getting up early to do these things !

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Best shots at your buzzers .
Bee 1. Tree Bumblebee / Bombus hypnorum .
Bee 2. Buff-tailed Bumblebee / Bombus terrestris .
Marmalade Hoverfly / Episyrphus balteatus .
I like that first shot too .

Alan Pavey said...

Love the sunrise shot Warren, stunner :-)

Alan Pavey said...
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