Sunday, 26 October 2014

I spent 3 hours out on my patch this morning, under some lead grey skies, the first 2 hours of which, I spent at my sky watching seat over at Migrant Alley.

I took up my position just as it got light and was rewarded straight away by the first of two YELLOWHAMMERS which called as they flew NW. As the light increased I watched the start of a WOODPIGEON movement that lasted for the whole 2 hours, many flocks passed over heading SW, the biggest was one of 214 birds, the smallest was of just 11, mixed in with the some of the flocks were CHAFFINCHES, but never more than 8 at a time were seen.

BLACK HEADED and HERRING GULLS passed over in small numbers, along with a single LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL. STARLINGS started to go past, again in varying flock sizes, the largest being over 200 strong. 2 BUZZARDS flew low across the sheep pasture, then headed into the Greenhouse Copse and the KESTREL pair showed up to hunt around the Greenhouse Grounds, a short while later a GREY HERON flew in and alighted on one of the fence lines above the drainage ditch which runs along the edge of the sheep pasture.

As I sat on my seat, I heard, then located, a couple of GOLDCRESTS in the hedgerow bounding the Greenhouse Grounds, where I also saw a CHIFFCHAFF. Back up in the sky a couple of REDWING flocks, one of 21, then one of 9 flew over, a couple of small SKYLARK flocks were also seen, then the one I was waiting for arrived, the first FIELDFARE (72) of the Autumn, just a single bird ''chacked'' ''chacked'' its way from east to west, this arriving on the same first date as in 2005, which is the second latest arrival date for the 13 years of recording here. As I got up to leave and head for the lakes, a couple of MEADOW PIPITS were seen flying from the Greenhouse Grounds, then another new species for the month was heard calling from above, a LESSER REDPOLL (73) this species is also a little later arriving than the 13 year median average date shows, that being the 20th October.

As I walked to the lakes I saw a pair of GREYLAG GEESE go over the Ashes lane Fields, where along the hedgerow that borders the Pub Field a flock of at least 8 LONG TAILED TITS were seen. The lakes were disappointing again, as they so often are, just a KINGFISHER was of note, hopefully i'll find a duck species to add to the year list during November and December, a Wigeon or Gadwall would be nice  :-)

Too dull for the camera out there today, but I have got a few images, taken from my garden feeders that I took yesterday afternoon, to brighten the post   :-)




Phil said...

Nice to hear of the first Fieldfares arriving Warren. I'll be quite glad when winter starts properly. We can start looking forward to next spring then:-)

Wilma said...

Lovely portraits of the chaffinch and coal tit.

Warren Baker said...

Just 4 months to go Phil!!

Warren Baker said...

Thank you Wilma :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Bring on the fieldfares!!! At last someone has reported one



Marc Heath said...

Still not much down here Warren, a real struggle at the moment.