Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Just 2 hours were spent out on patch this morning, the already dark and dismal conditions first thing deteriorated further, with a cold, strong, NE wind bringing in drizzle and rain  :-(

I spent most of the time around the lakes and Scrubby Woods, where on the water very little was to be seen, although a GREY HERON (41) that sat in a bankside tree overlooking the main lake, was added to the months species tally. The MUTE SWAN family were flying up and down the ornamental lake, no doubt helping their youngster strengthen its wing muscles, I wonder when it will leave its parents or will they all fly off together ? Whilst I watched the flying practice a flight of 3 MALLARDS (42) dropped in, another for the months list  :-)

Looking around the Scrubby Woods, it was mostly very quiet, just the ''ticking '' of ROBINS, and scolding of both BLACKBIRD and WREN were initially found, but eventually the LONG TAILED TIT flock came through, bringing with them a TREECREEPER, 2 GOLDCRESTS, and a mix of half a dozen BLUE and GREAT TITS, a couple of BULLFINCH were seen as I was leaving.

I headed for the Greenhouse Grounds via the Ashes Lane Fields, here a MEADOW PIPIT flew up, and the first 3 FIELDFARE (43) of DECEMBER flew over, a COMMON BUZZARD was pointed out to me by a rowdy GREEN WOODPECKER as it flew from cover and of towards the Scrubby Woods.

At the Greenhouse Grounds I added PHEASANT (44) to the months list, but little else was seen in the strengthening wind and drizzly rain that started to fall. I had a half hearted attempt at a sky watch, which did provide me with a couple of STOCK DOVES (45) to put on the DECEMBER list, but I soon headed off home before I got too cold and wet  :-(

Stock Dove - another archive photo, taken on a much nicer day!!


Pete Woodruff said...

Cold wind and rain, they just do not blend with birding Warren. Nice image of the Stock Dove in better times.

Warren Baker said...

If I find something interesting it's worth getting cold and wet for :-)