Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Long sunny spells this morning made for a pleasant patch visit, even if the sunshine did turn hazy at times.

I spent over four hours out, meandering around the lakes and woods, as well as Migrant Alley, hoping to hear the song of the first spring Chiffchaff, but that, it seems, will be for another day  :-)  I didn't actually find too much to 'blog' about, the addition of REED BUNTING (60) to the March list was very welcome, as two flew over the Greenhouse Grounds, that brings up the 60th species for the month and it is now the joint 10th best March tally out of 14.

The KESTREL pair were at the Greenhouse Grounds, the female in the nest box and the male on the nearby greenhouse roof, a COMMON BUZZARD that flew over was the only other raptor seen. The adjacent Greenhouse Copse was home to the pair of LITTLE OWLS, but the nearby sheep pasture and paddocks were devoid of birds due to disturbance from pupils and students from the close by establishments  :-( 

The winter thrushes had mostly moved on, just 2 FIELDFARE were spotted on the Ashes Lane Field, where SKYLARK and YELLOWHAMMER were seen flying over. Nothing on the lakes today that was any different to recent visits, as the spring progresses there is less likelyhood of any ducks turning up and my attention turns more to Migrant Alley, hoping for a passage bird to drop in, but will the disturbance be too much this year  ?

It was good to see a few bird species starting to nest build today, with LONG TAILED TIT, BLACKBIRD, JACKDAW and ROBIN all seen carrying nest material, the latter to one of my boxes at the Greenhouse Grounds  :-)

With the brighter conditions today I was able to get a few images of my garden birds to brighten the blog.



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Pete Woodruff said...

Your garden birds are looking bright and smart in their new summer coats....Nice images Warren.