Wednesday, 16 September 2015

This morning was dark, damp, drizzly and very dreary, but it was hardly the washout that was predicted, rain did arrive by 11:00hrs however.

In the cool, damp conditions, it wasn't surprising that my noted birds made a very meager list, but that list did contain a cracking WHINCHAT that I found at Migrant Alley, not a wasted effort even if that was all I had found  :-) Flying over Migrant Alley were small numbers of both HOUSE MARTIN and SWALLOW, with them were 2 SAND MARTIN. The nearby Greenhouse Grounds only had a CHIFFCHAFF and the female KESTREL of any note.

I heard two SISKIN fly over as I walked across the deserted Ashes Lane Fields, from where I was surprised to see 4 BUZZARDS circling over the Wet Woods as I approached . I had a look around the lakes, but as yesterday there was nothing of note at all on them, nor was there much to be found in the Scrubby Woods, just NUTHATCH and the LONG TAILED TIT flock were noteworthy, which had a TREECREEPER, a few BLUE and GREAT TITS, plus another Chiffchaff tagging along with them.

A CORMORANT was seen flying over on my through the Small Holding, but a walk along High house Lane to scan the fields around Bustard Hill proved very fruitless, just a couple of HERRING GULLS and 4 BLACK HEADED GULLS were seen, so the search for the months first Yellowhammer and Skylark goes on!

The 'blog photo folder' has run dry, so a pictureless post today  :-(


Derek Faulkner said...

Better weather than Sheppey then, where it's poured hard most of the day.

Marc Heath said...

I actually got made to strip on the doorstep tonight when I arrived home, I was that wet. That was some cycle in the rain, unbelievable driving hard rain. Moan over. Hopefully some better weather on the horizon.

Haddock said...

A pictureless post?
I am always overflowing with pictures :-)