Tuesday, 3 November 2015

It was overcast and dull this morning, with a little mist, at last the fog has gone!

I undertook a four and a half hour full patch walk today, finding 42 bird species, not a bad effort for November. Six of those species were additions to the November list, the first being FIELDFARE (43), when a flock of 14 flew over the Ashes Lane Fields.

HERRING GULL (44) was the second addition, three were seen with a group of 18 BLACK HEADED GULLS that fed on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, over which flew a BUZZARD (45) The Greenhouse Grounds provided GREY WAGTAIL (46) for the months list, where the SISKIN and GOLDFINCHES had dropped in number, just a dozen or so of each fed in the Alders, but 3 LESSER REDPOLL continue to hang around. I have been putting out a bit of seed under the boundary hedgerow over the past few days, this attracting a few CHAFFINCHES, GREENFINCHES, GREAT TITS, BLUE TITS and DUNNOCKS, but nearby, I saw 7 YELLOWHAMMERS, a peak count for the year, they may well have been attracted by the finches, hopefully they will find the seed too  :-)

A couple of PHEASANTS (47) joined the months list, they were feeding in the crop at Bustard Hill, it was here that at least 4 SKYLARKS were half singing / trilling.

The lakes had attracted no visitors today, but the KINGFISHER (48) was seen for the first time this month. A SPARROWHAWK flew through the Scrubby Woods, probably the reason for it being so quiet there! Just a NUTHATCH and 5 BULLFINCH were of note.

The Wet Woods had a flock of LONG TAILED TITS moving through it, with them were 4 GOLDCRESTS, but I couldn't find the months first Treecreeper with them. Both GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS were seen in the Small Holding area, along with a pair of MISTLETHRUSH.

The six additions to the November list take it to 48 species, that's 22 behind last years record November total, although I dont think i'll find that many this year! A more reasonable target would be 66 which is the average over the previous 5 years, even that will take some doing though  :-)

Photo's today are of the Great Spotted Woodpecker that visited my garden yesterday, just as the light was fading.


Marc Heath said...

Nice series Warren. The lighting is lovely in these photos. I managed a couple of Short eared and Barn Owls tonight on a quick look at Grove Ferry. Roll on the weekend!!

Warren Baker said...

I just caught the last of the evening sunshine :-) Weather looks a bit iffy for photo's for a while yet!