Monday, 16 January 2017

I decided to do my 6th full patch walk, of the 10 scheduled for January, this morning, which took place in some more dreary dull weather, which eventually gave way to a short period of rain.

The 3 and a half hour walk yielded up just 36 species, all of which were the core, regular species for Pittswood, so nothing for the year/month list!  Treecreeper, Bullfinch, and Long Tailed Tit weren't seen in the woods this morning, nor were there any raptor species found, hence the low species tally today. The species of most note seen this morning were the Winter Thrushes of REDWING and FIELDFARE that fed on the sheep pasture at the Ashes Lane Fields, plus a few MEADOW PIPITS that were on a field next to the Greenhouse Grounds.

A second visit to the fields of Migrant Alley later in the day proved more fortuitous, when I watched the first 3 MUTE SWANS (58) of the year fly over, plus I heard a SKYLARK up singing a RING NECKED PARAKEET was squawking away over at the Wooded Headland ( the same bird presumably that visited my garden last Friday). I also saw the female KESTREL fly onto one on the Greenhouses. Afternoons seem better for bird watching than the mornings do !

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Stephen Mills said...

Mute swan would be very welcome here Warren. Always a real rarity and most years they are not recorded!