Wednesday, 8 February 2017

This morning was particularly grey and dismal, with leaden skies and a light, cold drizzle falling - typical February fare!

In the conditions I wasn't surprised to find that there were very few passerines about, just one WREN featured on the list of 38 species that were seen today, however I did add COMMON GULL (48) to the months list, one was seen feeding with a couple of dozen BLACK HEADED GULLS over on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, where I also heard singles of SKYLARK and MEADOW PIPIT fly over. I now have to find 18 more species for the months list to reach the mean average tally for the previous five Februarys ( I mistakenly wrote on the last blog post I needed just 9 - I should have written 19!) in any case, it's a target not likely to be reached!

Very little else to report from todays full patch walk, no Raptors were encountered, nor any Geese, the most numerous species recorded were the 200+ mixed flock of REDWINGS and FIELDFARE spread on the various fields of sheep pasture.........oh, plus the singing of a couple of TREECREEPERS and drumming of GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS to remind me spring is almost here  :-)

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