Friday, 16 October 2009

After the early cloud and drizzle, it brightened up nicely for my afternoon stroll round my patch. As yesterday, the busiest place was centered around the dozen or so pear tree's in the small holding (below)

The ripe fruit attracted, insects - which in turn attracted a TREECREEPER, a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, and numerous BLUE and GREAT TITS, on the floor 3 GREEN WOODPECKERS were feeding amongst the ant hills.

Not much was seen in the wet woods, just a female PHEASANT, its a quiet place at this time of year. On to the lake and scrub area - the lake had the 3 most seen species that use it, on it once again, GREY HERON, MALLARD and MOORHEN, it's such a frustrating little lake, it's not shallow enough to expose any mud, and in turn a wader, but it's not deep enough to attract a diving duck, unless we get alot of rain, which we definitely have not! The surrounding vegetation and scrub had all the usual stuff, but it was nice to see a CHIFFCHAFF still remaining, and a pair of BULLFINCH. Also seen was the MARSH TIT, it made it's Pitchooo alarm call from close by, but I couldn't see it at first, I was looking to high and to far in - it was at my feet just a meter away! Of course, once I pointed the camera at it, off it went up into a crab apple tree. (below)

As I left for Migrant Alley, this SPARROWHAWK came drifting over, I swear they follow me around just to spoil my birding!

At Migrant Alley it was the quietest for some time, only the LINNETS were present, with a single BLACK HEADED GULL, and a flyover HERRING GULL.
The months list remains on 61, but I think I should get at least two more species before the months end. Cormorant being the most likely, last October I recorded this species on tweleve October days, mostly on the lake, 3 of those sightings were of multiple birds, where have they all gone - maybe the lake is too shallow?


Monika said...

With the lighting, that shot of the pear trees looks like a painting.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Monika,
The scene took my eye as I passed. The light, as you say, makes it work.

Anonymous said...

It looks a good spot,that orchard, Warren. Plenty of space about it. Not like my patch where the trees are all clustered close together.

Hope you have a good weekend, mate.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
At least you can see things, I'll say and quite a lot!!! Here the weather has been so bad and the light so dark that I did not even dare to go out for the moment!!! Guess you can still get more species by the end of the month, and hope you will do!