Saturday, 3 October 2009

I was looking forward to the first full walk of my patch for october this morning, and it started well enough with a new species for the month when 20 GREYLAG GEESE flew over the house before I had even closed the back door. However, in the strong wind, and cloudy, cool conditions things never really picked up from that moment.

A measly 37 species were recorded, I would expect between 40 - 43 at this time of year. There were few highlights, a COMMON BUZZARD was being mobbed by ROOKS and JACKDAWS over Migrant Alley, and around 110 LINNETS were feeding on the college sports pitch, the fields around Migrant Alley obviously no longer hold any food for them. SONG THRUSH and STOCK DOVE joined the October list, as did the GREY HERON that was on the Lake, but overall it was a disappointing visit.

I went out again between 12:30 and 13:30hrs, and sat at migrant alley for a skywatch. I manage to add both SWALLOW and HOUSE MARTIN to the months list, the latter went through in small numbers, but just 2 Swallows were seen. A KESTREL and LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL took the daylist to a more reasonable 41, and a SPARROWHAWK was seen in the garden for the first time this month. So the days total ended where I would expect it to!

Below is a Photo of the Sparrowhawk at my feeders, not very good as I took it through the window. I have had quite a few months now without Sparrowhawk attacks, and have been enjoying the increased numbers of birds coming in - looks like it back to the bad old days!

The only other photo I took was of this STARLING flock, some 60 strong, not a very inspiring effort!


swatson said...

great photo of the sparrowhawk Warren he is back in my garden too after a short break.See him with mixed emotions

Greenie said...

Warren ,
The return of the wind today , how many times was that said this Summer .
Just one Buzzard sighting at Leith Hill , alas , no Raven .

Anonymous said...

Yeh, it wasn`t a good one, weatherwise. But you still managed to add a few species.
Wind`s supposed to easing overnight. Have a better day tomorrow, Warren.

ShySongbird said...

The Sparrowhawk has been visiting my garden again too over the last week or two and has taken quite a few Goldfinches!

110 Linnets!! One would do me ;)

Anonymous said...

I believe that hawks are a part of the Eco system and if we want birds to come, eat, drink and raise young, then we have to accept the baggage.

And in this case it is a sparrow hawk. We have Coopers Hawks which is a larger hawk but they only come to eat and do not dally around.

When they eat they leave and the rest of the birds can do their thing. I accept them all as "birds." And love all of them.

I think their jobs are to hunt the birds and they do and when they find a flock of them at a feeder it is easy pickings for them. No mad dashes through the limbs and leaves, just one dive onto the feeder and that is about it.

If I could or knew how, I would set up a feeder for the hawks.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Cool for the sparrowhawk, even if you are afraid for your other birds ;-) I can see you are seeing quite a good numbers of the species you spot! It is the same here, but with very few species. The day was beautiful finally and I went out in the evening and I saw tons of redwings and starlings and redpoll!! Anyway it was good to see birds for a while. I've seen the merlin again, so it looks like it came back to me!! Do you want it for October?