Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Barely 90 mins was had this afternoon before dusk descended, mind you it wasn't really light when I went out at 14:00, we are really entering the shortest daylight hours of the year now!

Very few passerines were seen at all as I walked through the wet woods, the small holding I passed through a bit earlier was also very quiet. Just a handfull of species could be recounted, a BULLFINCH calling, a GREEN WOODPECKER feeding on a large garden lawn, MALLARD and MOORHEN on the pools in the wet woods and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER calling from one of the well wooded gardens by the lake. The lake itself was not giving me any nice surprises today, no Goosander, just back to the Mallard and Moorhen, not even a Grey Heron that I still need for the months list.

A quick visit to Migrant Alley had me finding a few more species, 10 SKYLARK were out on the new seeded pasture, a LESSER REDPOLL was in the line of Alder trees down from the Tall hedge, where a single FIELDFARE was sitting. A MEADOW PIPIT that flew over calling was the first seen this month and 14 LINNETS flew over towards their roost site at the tree nursery.

I waited around, and did some skywatching, but all I saw was a single of CORMORANT, and HERRING GULL. As sky watched, I noticed the KESTREL hunting around the Greenhouses, as it does most days, and a little later few PIED WAGTAILS started to come in to roost there, but as dusk came I decided to call it a day, happy with my one addition for the months list.

The weather looks more promising tomorrow and onwards into the weekend, after more than 50 days of weather systems blowing through, I'm ready for a change!


Bob Bushell said...

Hi Warren, you've plenty of nice birds around. And, we may, at last, have a beautiful weather coming our way!

Chris said...

Hi Warren.
Even if you have a bad weather you still have a nice list of birds, not the case over here. I think I'm giving up till end of December!!! I'm also waiting for some changes over here :-)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
One new addition to the list is better than none. You did see some nice birds today. Good luck with tomorrows sightings.