Tuesday, 29 December 2009

This morning the forecast rain had duly arrived, and it still raining now at almost 15:00. Unsurprisingly I didn't get out at all onto my patch, so what would I do today ?

Well, the wife and I decided to go out to into town a spend some of our Xmas money, me and shopping are about as compatible as sparrows and sparrowhawks! However, I have been saving for a new lens for my camera all year, and with my xmas money i now had the £400 needed to get a canon 70-300 zoom lens with an image stabilizer - cool!

Before we left home I was looking into the near dark, wet gloom of the garden and was chuffed to see 3 REDWINGS come into the garden - only the second ever record, and the 27th species this month, making this december the joint best month ever for best species seen in it, 27 species were also achieved in Aug. 2006.

The day went down hill from there, although i did glimpse a LAPWING at migrant alley as we drove past on our way into town. We got to the camera shop, told the man what I wanted, they didn't have any! Went to the next camera shop, same thing, didn't have any, but our other outlet back in tonbridge (where we had just came from) might have one we were told.

Got to Tonbridge, went in the camera shop, yes we have one, yea! paid over my hard earnt, and took my lens home. I excitedly assembled the lens to the camera, and it made all sorts of clicking and clunking noises - so it was back to tonbridge, where they looked at my camera (a canon 400D) and looked at the lens a Canon 70-300 IS, and decided that the two were not compatible, DOH!!!!


So I'm back to my old lens. Sorry for my moaning rant, but why dont canon lenses fit canon cameras, is it too much to ask ? and why the bloody hell do JESSOPS employ sales assistants who dont know shit about camera's!

It'll be back to my patch tomorow to calm me down - whatever the weather!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
I know exactly where you are coming from with Jessop assistants .
To my mind your 400D must be compatable with the EF lens .
What make is your old lens ? could there be an adaptor on the 400D that is causing the problem .

Warren Baker said...

Hi Greenie,
My present lens is an EF 90-300, I have no problems with that, It seems the 70-300 IS lens is compatible with most canon cameras - just not the 400D!

darrell j prest said...

bad luck............but all canon ef and efs lenses are compatable with all eos cameras even the old film ones..........

Warren Baker said...

The EF 70-300 IS USM zoom lens, doesn't work with an EOS 400D....I have tried it!

darrell j prest said...

it does work its just the copy you bought was broken

Warren Baker said...

The lens worked ok on a different camera body. Whats going on then ?

Phil and Mandy said...

Hi Warren, I treid my brother in laws image stab lens on my eox 350d with the same problem after Jessops told me the same as you. Not compatible, Canon said would have to update the camera firmware at a cost of around £50.00.

darrell j prest said...

im at a loss! firmware is free from canon search the site.
the last update for the 400d was version 1.0.5.

i find this all very strange as i used the 100-400 is on a 350d and it worked

Steve said...

Warren, long time no speak! I will be back very soon!!

Interested to read your camera experience. It should be compatible, no reasomn why a Canon EF lens will not work with the 400D. Look at this review which states that the camera needs to be fully charged http://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-70-300mm-4-0-5-6-USM-Lens/dp/B000B84KB6

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Anonymous said...

You were having about as much luck with the camera/lens, as i`m having with the birds, Warren.
Sorry to hear that mate. But i do like to tune into a good rant, from time to time.

Hope you get one sorted.