Thursday, 20 May 2010

At last the sunshine lasted through into the afternoon, and I had a patch visit in superbly warm, and sunny conditions. I decided on a walk round the sheep pasture and paddocks of Migrant Alley, as it is here that I am most likely to find something new for the year. I did find something new, although it was not a bird species, it was my first Beautiful Demoiselle of the year, a female ( I think!) Odenata are not my strong point :-)

Above and below : Beautiful Demoiselle.

Walking through the north end scrub, I came across a few butterflies, Small Whites, Orange Tips, a Comma and the Peacock below.

Also in the scrub was the family of LONG TAILED TITS, all doing well, and two WHITETHROATS were singing loudly, there are quite a few of these on my patch now, I'll have to have a count up at the weekend. TURTLE DOVE, CHIFFCHAFF and BLACKCAP also gave some song.
I made my way down to my skywatching seat, passing the flock of LINNETS that feed on the old dandelion heads, two PIED WAGTAILS were also with them, suddenly they all flew up in alarm, and were joined in their panic by a dozen SWALLOWS. Looking up I saw the cause of there upset a HOBBY (below)

Below is one of the Long Tailed Tit fledgelings

Moving on down the sheep pasture to get to my now well needed seat, I was tiring in the heat of the day ( the first time this year ive had to say that ! ) but before I got there I stopped to look at all the STARLINGS on the fences, there were at least 60 Juvs. all begging for food from the parents, who found plenty of insects to stuff into the gapes of thier ever hungry offspring.

Above: Loads of Juv Starlings - below this one forgot to fly up as I passed :-)
I got to my seat and plonked myself down for some Raptor watching, within minutes a SPARROWHAWK came over, carrying away a prey item, which looked suspiciously like a Juv Starling - there's always one that doesn't fly away with the rest :-(.
Two more Raptors came into view, A KESTREL and a PEREGRINE, 4 raptors for the day, always good going on my patch. The good weather is set to last throughout tomorrow and the weekend, so hopefully I may find some more Damsel/dragon flies.
PS: I have recieved information on this site Having a quick scan through it, it looks like there are some interesting and informative articles that could well be of interest to anyone interested in the birds and wildlife of the world.
Stories from the birds in Iraq's war zone to the latest on the effect of the gulf oil spill, it's good to read about like minded people trying to help the planets wildlife :-)


Chris said...

Hi Warren,
I just do not believe that you already have juveniles. Our bird just start to breed, even the Arctic tern are not that aggressive for the moment!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I'd say spot on with the Odenata ID .
Like you , hoping for good weather tomorrow .

squirrell said...

Love the demoiselle photos.

Sharon said...

Love the photos Warren, especially the juvenile Starlings! I think Ireland must be slower than the UK as we haven't seen any fledgelings yet at all! Heard plenty of young ones being fed in nests though!

Anonymous said...

Well done with the Beautiful Demoiselle, Warren. It`s a species that i`ve still to see.

Kerry said...

That first shot is beautiful! Glad to hear that you have some nice weather at long last. :-)

Sadly our Sparrowhawk seems to have disappeared but I have seen the Peregrine on several occasions.

ShySongbird said...

Nice to see the Beautiful Demoiselle appearing again and the photo of all the juvenile Starlings made me laugh, they will all be squabbling in your garden before long. As fast as I put food out the Starlings devour it all within moments, leaving nothing for anyone else :(