Monday, 17 May 2010

Not very much to report from this afternoons patch walk. I visited the Tree Nursery, Pub Field, the Greenhouse Complex, and Migrant Alley, but, it being a work day, all but the Pub Field had disturbance from work crews.

The big patch of cloud that moved over the sky just as I got out didn't help with finding any butterflies in the Tree Nursery, and apart from BLACKBIRDS, SONG THRUSHES, WRENS, DUNNOCKS, ROBINS and a single singing WHITETHROAT, it was all very as 'per usual'

The maize in the Pub Field has started sprouting now, but only ROOKS and JACKDAWS were on it, the ROOKS are now bringing in their youngsters by the score! The boundary hedgerow had GREAT and BLUE TITS foraging for caterpillars to feed their young, plus another Whitethroat, and whilst walking along, a GREY HERON flew over, only the second one seen this month.

At Migrant Alley the place was teeming with squadrons of noisey Juv. STARLINGS, following thier parents from bush, to fence post, and back, hoping for a morsel to eat. Try as I might I couldn't get within 50ft of these well protected offspring, and failed to get any pics ( got non at all today in fact !) I counted 30 Juveniles, but there were probably more, looks like it could be a good breeding year for them.

The main field has been cut for silage, so if there were any nesting skylarks out there - they have gone now :-( . A few PIED WAGTAILS chased the insects of the neatly lined out cut grass, but I didn't get to see any Black Headed gulls over head, as i had hoped, Ive yet to see one this month. However two LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS did visit, as did both KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK.

SWIFTS, SWALLOWS, and a few HOUSE MARTINS were all seen feeding over the Sheep pasture and paddocks, and a flock of 26 LINNETS were on the Dandilion seed heads, I also heard a CUCKOO calling from the north of my patch.

A very ''normal'' type day today, unlike this time last year, when Meditteranean Gull brought up the 100th species for the year - happy memories :-)


Derek Faulkner said...


Surprised to see that silage has been cut already in your patch, here on Sheppey grass is well behind and a late hay crop is also being forecast. Perhaps this wet and warm week will give it a boost. I was dodging showers whilst doing the WEBS count this afternoon.

Monika said...

So sad about the potential skylark fledglings :(

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
You will get to the 100, mate, this is just a question of time and patience ;-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Oh dear....these agricultural practices spell death in the afternoon - or morning for that matter - for thousands of birds up and down the country Warren, but we'll not go down that road for the moment.

Weather looks set to roast us if these weather people know what they're talking about this time.

Keep up the good work Warren.

ShySongbird said...

Herons seem to have gone AWOL around here just lately and I still haven't heard a Cuckoo this year!

Anonymous said...

It may not be the best sound in nature Warren, but i love to hear the noisy & constant squawking of juv Starlings begging for food.