Monday, 9 August 2010

SWALLOW on telephone line

Above and Below: Small Copper

Above and below: Brown Argus, I think the male is above the female below

This post is my 1000th post!! So it would be appropriate for something special to be seen on my patch this afternoon, but alas, life isn't quite like that :-(

Early morning fog prevented anything being seen across the fields and paddocks of Migrant Alley as I walked to work, but the first LONG TAILED TITS for some time put in an appearance in the College Grounds.

This afternoon it was warm and muggy again, a trip over to the lakes and scrub was a very quiet affair, just 2 MALLARDS on the main lake, and the scrub had a scolding WREN, and a 'ticking' ROBIN, other than that it was all hot and sleepy.

As I walked over to Migrant Alley, I passed the edge of the Wet Woods, and had the fortune of at least meeting a varied feeding flock of birds, including COAL TIT, BLUE TIT, GREAT TIT, NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER and CHIFFCHAFF. I was hoping to hear a Marsh Tit call, I heard the call yesterday, but didn't add it to the months list as I need to see it to confirm that it wasn't one of the skilful Great Tits mimicking the call. If it has come back to spend the Autumn / Winter on my patch again, I should meet it at some point this month :-)
I walked up the edge of the Maize Crop and checked the 'wild area', and wow! It was full of small butterflies, Common Blue and Gatekeeper mostly, but also a few Brown Argus and Small Coppers, a truly stunning sight to see, every step through the grass brought up more butterflies. The roe deer, which either likes the Maize crop or cant get out of it, jumped up in front of me and bounded away into the maize, which nearly necessitated in an early return home for fresh underwear :-) It has been in there for months now!
I sat, watched, and waited at Migrant Alley, but it was devoid of birdlife, far too much disturbance going on still, not least by dog walkers again, one young lady had no less than 4 unruly animals, but it was her loud gob shouting at them that caused much of the disturbance :-)


gypsyrose said...

congratulations on you 1000th post.
love your butterfly photos would have loved to see them all in the maize crop sounds beautiful.

Sharon said...

Happy 1000th post Warren - congratulations - hope there will be many more 1000's to come! Lovely photos as usual.

Monika said...

Congrats on 1000 posts! That brown argus is stunning - fairly simple wing pattern, but so beautifully intricate. Great shots as always.

Phil said...

Well done Warren, 1000 posts is no mean feat. I admire your tenacity and I'm with you ref the dogs!

Jason K said...

Hi Warren...nice butterfly shots as always and congrats on the 1000th post.

The top Brown Argus is indeed a male and the lower one a female...With this species the female tends to be the slightly better looking one.


Warren Baker said...

Thanks all!!
Here's to the next 1000 posts :-)

Anthony Miners said...

Love the images of the Small copper and Brown Argus must get a macro lense.Well done on all your posts.

Dean said...

Yep, here`s to the next 1000instalments Warren. Keep at it mate and all the best for them.

EP Andy said...

Well done Warren with the 1000th post. Shows a tremendous dedication to the cause. Keep up the good work and many thanks. I love reading them and it's great to see what is happening at home when I'm on my travels. Keeps me in touch with the REAL world.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done reaching that milestone .
I had one of those loud gobs whilst I was trying to photograph Hairstreaks today , it had four yappy things too .

The Early Birder said...

A little late but congrats on reaching that milestone Warren.
How come the loudest owners always seem to have the least well behaved mutts!!

Jann E. said...

Beautiful butterfly shots Warren, I just love that small copper esp. It's pretty warm here too and I haven't gotten out w/ the camera in several days now. Hopefully soon.