Sunday, 19 December 2010

Finally! I got out to do a full patch walk, unhindered by work and weather :-) , there was still a bit of lying snow about though, but it wasn't as cold out as had been predicted, here's a few snowy scenes

Above: looking south over the new paddock, towards the Greenhouses

Above: Looking west over the College Sports Pitch, with Migrant Alley and the Greenhouses in the distance.

Above: The main lake, - is that a hint of a thaw out there! ?
Bird wise today it was still very hard going, especially early on in the morning, the total species seen for the day - 43 - hides the fact there were very few birds about.
At least 50 LINNETS flying from their Tree Nursery roost were the most numerous species seen, but they dont stay on my patch, they fly straight out and off to feed elsewhere. There were two SNIPE at the usual place, by the dividing hedgerow at Migrant Alley/Greenhouse Complex, and moving round the fields, I had both YELLOWHAMMER and GREYLAG GOOSE flyover, as well as 4 types of Gull, BLACK HEADED, HERRING, LESSER BLACK BACKED and COMMON.
The College Grounds had a few common passerines about, but never more than two of the same species were seen, including MISTLE THRUSH, SONG THRUSH, JAY, GOLDCREST and the days only WREN.
Walking back home for a halfway break, a few more flyovers were noted, 3 FIELDFARE, a PIED WAGTAIL, a pair of BULLFINCH and SISKINS, which kept going over all morning in ones and two's.
The second half of my walk didn't bring me any surprises, and the birds were still thin on the ground, a flock of a dozen LONG TAILED TITS were joined by two TREECREEPERS a NUTHATCH and two Goldcrests. At the lake not even a Moorhen was seen, in fact I didn't see one throughout the walk, the first time this species has not been recorded on a full patch walk in the 9 years of recording, ( 3 did come into my garden in the afternoon, so they were out there somewhere!) Whilst at the lake area 6 Siskin and a LESSER REDPOLL were seen feeding in an Alder, the MARSH TIT showed up, strong and healthy looking, he's surviving ok :-) Also the inevitable SPARROWHAWKS were seen, both male and female were up hunting.
I walked back home through the tree Nursery, seeing both PHEASANT and MEADOW PIPIT, and was relieved to find the only STARLING of the day sitting on a chimney pot of a nearby house. Sounds like I saw alot of birds today, but I was out for four hours, and believe me it was very quiet.
There is a hint that towards Christmas and after, the cold weather will relent - lets hope so, and that the Lakes will defrost in time to add something to the moths list, maybe a Coot ! :-)
Below are some common garden bird photo's to cheer the page up, these were at the feeders all day today.



...and the good old ROBIN :-)


Phil said...

Well done for getting out today Warren, hoping to get to New Hythe myself tomorrow. Looks like more snow is on the way according to the forecast this evening.

Warren Baker said...

NOT MORE SNOW........Doh!!!!!

Bob Bushell said...

Nice photographs Warren.

Kelly said...

...really like the photo of the Blue's very cute. Glad you were able to get out and trudge through the snow. Your weather is crazy. My bro-in-law lives in Munich, and he reports their snowfall is much higher than normal as well, averaging 4 inches every other day. We too are socked in with more snow and ice on the way. Old-man Winter seems to be shouting this year!

Ken. said...

Hi Warren
Good on ya for getting out there for 4 hours today for a good scan about. I reckon you did well.
As for the Moorhen's, I think they know where they are well off,easy pickings comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Far from the signs of a thaw up here Warren. Arctic tundra springs to mind.

Nice pics btw.