Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Walking home from work this afternoon I stopped at Migrant Alley briefly, and watched a dog walker and his 3 dogs walk the perimeter of the sheep field, as they approached the flooded area 3 SNIPE flew up and headed off high NE, I wont see them again for a while, why cant these doggy people stick to the footpaths, they know or care little for the countryside or it's wildlife, once the dogs had fouled the 'the usual' place they all headed off home :-(

So Migrant Alley wasn't worth visiting this afternoon, and with the lakes still frozen solid from bank to bank, there was little point going there either. I ended up deciding to walk the Wet Woods and the Tree Nursery, with a brief visit to the scrub area adjacent to the main lake.

I was hoping to find a Woodcock for the months list, but it wasn't forthcoming, nor were the next target species, Stock Dove, Grey Heron, and Mallard all of which might have been seen flying over. There were plenty of the woodland birds to keep me amused though, TREECREEPER, GOLDCREST, NUTHATCH, COAL TIT, MARSH TIT and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER were the more Notable ones, but BLUE TIT, GREAT TIT and LONG TAILED TITS were also busy feeding.

Out in the more open Tree Nursery, the dozen or so PHEASANTS were still stealthily creeping around the shrubs,BLACKBIRDS, SONGTHRUSH and DUNNOCK also foraged around the leaf litter, where the snow has thawed under the larger trees. However it was a very 'run of the mill' visit today with not a lot going on, virtually nothing flew over, apart from a few single FIELDFARES - at least the temperature got up to 2c today, well balmy :-)

Better luck tomorrow !

The photo's above and below are of the Tree Nursery, still frozen solid


Bob Bushell said...

Yes, I agree with you, they ought to have more braincells.

Monika said...

Frustrating about the dog walkers. It's probably never even occurred to them.

That first pic is a beauty - it really captures a mood.

Derek Faulkner said...

Would you have seen the Snipe without the dog walker's help, sounds like he done you a favour and made you aware of them. At least your dog walkers don't then shoot the birds.
In 25 years of wardening the reserve that I patrol I must of seen countless birds, disturbed by my dogs, that I wouldn't of normally seen otherwise.

Warren Baker said...

I new the birds were there, I had my views of them yesterday, but moved off when they got a bit flighty. Its not right to flush birds in this weather. Letting ones dogs roam off the lead in the countryside is just selfish, take the dogs to a park, where they are welcomed.

You are right of course, it never ocuurrs to them, but when you enlighten them they become very aggressive !!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Thanks very much for the BNGrebe confirmation on mine .
Really felt chuffed getting them two .

Stewart said...

Hi Warren, out here in the sticks there are more doggies than people! In 18 houses in my village there are (by name) -

Tammy, Rafferty, Eric, Jake, Charles, Ollie, Katy, Ely, Bunty, Dell, Charlie, Patrick, Jack, Alfie, Daisy, Saidie, Bruce, and an unknown plus 3 mongrels and two spaniels who are yet to be introduced....

So I cant criticise cos I'd be beaten to death!( And attacked by Bunty...)

Derek Faulkner said...

Have a look at the KOS website and the DBO blog, which reports that on the 5th December how some anglers not only hooked a Gt. Northern Diver but then pulled it ashore, killed it and then cut it up as bait - which is the bigger issue. Sure a dog walker accidently scared a couple of birds but if you say that you never ever accidently do the same I won't believe you and I still believe that birdwatchers cannot expect to have the countryside to themselves.

Phil said...

Hi Warren.
I know how you feel about the dog incident. Doing most of my birding at New Hythe and the country park has exposed me to an awful lot of bad news from dogs and their owners
not just towards the wildlife but quite often being on the end of it personally!
I also saw quite a lot of Snipe today but only disturbed one accidentally. Good luck tomorrow.

Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
Pity you missed out on the Snipe, that the dog walkers disturbed, apart from that you saw some good species. God luck for tomorrow.

Kelly said...

...you are suffering from this cold snap too. It is more like January weather. I'm not keen on it. My blood is still running warm from the summer!

p.s. You won one of the books in the giveaway! :-)

ShySongbird said...

The thing I have never understood is the amount of people who clear their dog's mess up and then leave the bag containing it hanging on a bush!!! What the hell is the point of that???

It does still look very icy where you are, we don't have the snow but still very, very cold.