Sunday, 16 January 2011

Above: ROOKS and JACKDAWS after being flushed by PEREGRINES at Migrant Alley

Below: Rooks, and BLACK HEADED GULLS at Migrant Alley

The wind was still blowing for this mornings patch visit, but at least there were some patches of blue in the sky, allowing for the odd sunny break.

It proved to be a 'bog standard' visit with 44 species being seen in the 3hrs I was out, which included just about all the regular species, except for Skylark, and Yellowhammer.

120 Rooks, 43 JACKDAW, and 35 Black Headed Gull were the largest group of birds seen, they all fed on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, until disturbed by both the local PEREGRINES, who had no hunting intentions, but just seemed to enjoy the commotion they were causing :-)

REDWING and FIELDFARE were few on my patch, but frequent small parties of both were seen flying over, MISTLE THRUSH was also very conspicuous today, with lots of singing going on..

The lakes were back to their quiet selves after yesterdays exciting find, 12 MALLARD and two MOORHEN were all the 3 water bodies could muster between themselves, but I did manage to add the anticipated GREYLAG GOOSE (66) to the month/year list, when 4 flew over the main lake. This species is the last of the regulars seen in January, anymore species for this month will be scarce bonus birds, like a flyover Mute Swan, or maybe a Reed Bunting, but I might also just get a Mandarin duck or Coot with a bit of luck! Just 3 more new species for this month will beat the previous record of 68, but thats now going to be easier said than done!

All the woodland regulars turned out today, most of them in a mixed feeding flock found in the scrubby wood by the lakes, LONG TAILED TIT, COAL TIT, NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER and GOLDCREST being the best off these. There were still plenty of SISKIN on my patch, 50min were in Alders along the College Stream, a few were in the Wet Woods, and small numbers flew over calling.

Best of the rest included two flyover LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS, a flyover CORMORANT, a SPARROWHAWK, and a singing STOCK DOVE, but as I said earlier it was a bog standard day :-)

I tried to get some garden photo's today while the sun was out, but the wind made it a hard task, and the birds were very nervy, as they are persistently being attacked by both Male and Female Sprawks !! The above BLUE TT and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER below were my best efforts.


Marc Heath said...

That's a nice Woodpecker shot. Believe it or not, I still need Jackdaw for the year at Reculver. Must open my eyes

Anthony Miners said...

Smart Woodpecker capture.

Phil said...

You're still three up on me Warren.Hoped I might get Peregrine or Buzzard today but no luck.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Shame that early sunshine didn't last longer .
Those Winter Thrushes seem to have disappeared recently .
Also like the GSW shot .

Paul said...

Hi Warren, I agree with the others, its a nice GS Woodpecker pic.
Whilst on a patch walk with my son yesterday, we are pretty sure we saw a Peregrine (thrash past a Buzzard) in a fast stoop. I wonder if it was one of the Hadlow Peregrines?

Phil and Mandy said...

Hi Warren, thanks for feedback on my Gull picture, sure was windy this morning, i will be back at Oxon Hoath again next weekend.

Bob Bushell said...

Yep, that is a nice Woodpecker.