Sunday, 23 January 2011

Just over three hours was spent out on my patch this morning, and little had changed since yesterdays visit, including the weather, although it was just a little warmer, and at one point a short lived sunny spell was enjoyed :-)

Few birds were encountered, and long spells of the visit were birdless, although I did somehow manage to record 44 species, just about what would be expected in January.

There weren't many highlights, but the PEREGRINE that flew over the Wet Woods certainly qualified for one, and having some extremely close views of a pair of GOLDCREST feeding in the College gardens was another.

There were far fewer SISKIN about today, only 2 were seen, they were in the Alders that make up the boundary hedge between Migrant Alley and the Greenhouses, a LESSER REDPOLL flew over whilst I was there. Four Gull species were seen on or over Migrant Alley, BLACK HEADED, COMMON, HERRING and LESSER BLACK BACKED, also at Migrant Alley small numbers of winter thrushes were on the sheep pasture, no more than 30 altogether.

The lake area was reasonably quiet, the water had just 7 MALLARD and 2 MOORHEN on it, plus the same CORMORANT as yesterday, told by its very grey head and neck feathers :-) The adjacent woody scrub area had all that could be expected, MARSH and COAL TIT, NUTHATCH and TREECREEPER, BULLFINCH, plus 4 more Goldcrest, were the pick of these

There are a few birds that are notable by their absence, Yellowhammer, Linnet, Skylark, Meadow Pipit and Canada / Greylag Geese, they are normally seen in ones and twos at this time of year, but none has been recorded in recent visits.

Apologies for lack of photo's over the last few's the weather, it never gets light!!!!!!!!!!!


Pete Woodruff said...

Can be a little bleak but there's a good time a coming Warren....honest!

Marc Heath said...

The wood sounds good with Marsh and Coal Tit. I would love to see a Nuthatch again the in the Valley. Only had one in 12 years of watching there.

Paul said...

Hi Warren, it was a poor weekend because of the weather for sure. Now that is out the way, we can all look forward to warmer, sunny weekends! Well, lets get March out the way 1st though!!!

Anonymous said...

There`s not been a happy medium with the weather of late. Glorious sunshine with the wind from the wrong direction and now we`ve got cloud for a few days.

ShySongbird said...

Very encouraging that you are seeing Goldcrests quite regularly, let's hope they don't have any more snow and ice to cope with!