Saturday, 8 December 2012

I only had time for a 3 hour full patch walk this morning, as a busy day elsewhere lay ahead for me :-(

First light took its time this morning, and it wasn't until 07:15hrs that I left the house, in still and overcast conditions, I made my way over to the College Grounds first of all, via the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley. 31 species were winkled out, most noteworthy was a pair of BULLFINCH at the Greenhouse Grounds, where a KESTREL was up hunting, 30-40 SISKIN were feeding in Alders along the College Stream, and while in the College Gardens a KINGFISHER was seen. MEADOW PIPIT, LESSER REDPOLL,PIED WAGTAIL and very small numbers of both FIELDFARE and REDWING were all noted going over.

Leaving the College Grounds and making my way over to the Pub Field, things livened up a bit, when a LITTLE EGRET (53) flew over, only the third month this year I have recorded this species, then looking over the muddy Pub Field 6 LAPWING threatened to drop in, but didn't, a SPARROWHAWK flew low along the line of the Hedgerow flushing out SONGTHRUSHES, BLACKBIRDS, DUNNOCKS and ROBINS.

A few minutes later I was approaching the Lakes, where a nice surprise was waiting, 6 WIGEON (54) were out on the main lake, this is unprecedented here! Ive only ever recorded two singles here in the last 11 years! Unfortunately, as soon as they caught sight of me, despite me being deep in the bankside cover, they took off and left, I didn't even get to remove my camera from my shoulder! I would dearly loved to of photographed the male bird that was there. A CORMORANT, and 8 MALLARDS were also seen, along with a scattering of MOORHENS. In the adjacent scrubby Woods, a MARSH TIT was seen, with possibly another one a few minutes later, but it may have been the same bird, be nice to have two on patch  :-)

I wandered the Wet Woods for a short while, trying to locate a Treecreeper for the months list, but failed, I then also failed to locate the first Pheasant for the month as I later searched the Tree Nursery, however, I did find something much better, - a REED BUNTING (55)   :-) the last species of the 44 seen this morning.

 Looks like i'm racking up some nice patch species this month, which could lead to a high December species total, just need to find some of those regular species like the Geese, plus the Yellowhammer, maybe a Linnet, and of course the Treeceeper and Pheasant, should be possible to get into the low 60's  :-)

Approaching home, the sun broke through and the sky cleared, leaving a mild and sunny day, but I had to be elsewhere - typical!  I didn't get a single photo whilst out, but here's two I saved from yesterdays short spell of photography from my garden shed  :-)
BLUE TIT, another species that enjoys an apple  :-)


Marc Heath said...

There were good numbers of Wigeon moving today at Reculver. A nice sight no doubt for you.

Warren Baker said...

All too brief a sight :-)

ShySongbird said...

Wigeon is definitely a word I'm not used to seeing on your blog Warren. What a shame they took off so quickly but maybe they will return.

Lovely photos from the garden again :-)