Sunday, 9 June 2013

I undertook a full patch walk this morning, from 06:30hrs - 10:30hrs, in some incredibly dull conditions, made worse by a keen NE wind.

Nothing particularly exciting was recorded, as is usual for June, but my list of successful breeding birds for the year was incremented by one, when a pair of recently fledged CARRION CROWS were found on the pile of manure just outside the College Stables. My June bird species list was also added to, the first addition for a while, as a BLACK HEADED GULL (59) flew over Migrant Alley, where on one of the paddocks the immature EGYPTIAN GOOSE had returned to feed with the GREYLAG and CANADA GEESE.

A TREECREEPER was seen in the College Grounds, which I thought was possibly with a fledgling, but both birds disappeared into the canopy of a large Oak tree, a search for the Spotted flycatcher pair that are holding territory here was unsuccessful this morning.

Over in the Wet Woods, one of the GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER chicks was poking its head out from the nest hole, looking like it could fledge within a few hours, while on the Lakes today just 15 CANADA GEESE and the COOT family were seen.

At least two pairs of BULLFINCH were seen in the Scrubby Woods, but little song was heard here today, only a couple of BLACKCAPS and a CHIFFCHAFF were singing.

Flyovers were few today, with KESTREL, HERRING GULL, LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and the already mentioned Black Headed Gull being seen, but very few SWIFTS and SWALLOWS were noted, unsurprising in the cool conditions, with not much insect activity about.

Another pair of Bullfinch were found along Ashes Lane as I walked home, and the only singing WHITETHROAT of the morning was heard a bit further along from them.

45 species for the day was a bit below par for June, but then so was the weather!

The camera stayed at home due to the poor light, but luckily the sunshine enjoyed earlier in the week has provided me with plenty of 'Blog Brighteners' for such days  :-)
Immature Greenfinch
Immature Greenfinch
Male Broad Bodied Chaser
Male Broad Bodied Chaser
Mating Azure Damsels


Marc Heath said...

Love the mating shot, nice sharpness and light.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Marc,
I liked that shot too :-) Did you notice the dirt on the sensor though !

Noushka said...

Great captures, Warren!
The Greenfinch is really cute and friendly and the dragons are magnificent especially the mating wheel!
Have nice day!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Noushka,
Enjoy your day too :-)

Warren Baker said...

If you're reading this I did get your comment, but it didn't appear here, only in my e-nail inbox for some reason - and yes I will be looking out for the young Great Spotted woodpeckers in my garden this year :-)

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren :-) Lovely 'blog brighteners' and I agree with the other comments re the mating damsels, well captured and lovely light.

We didn't have any of the promised 'glorious' weather, barely any sun since mid-week and cool with blustery wind. We have heating on again!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
Isn't frustrating when the weather people say it will be sunny and warm,then it is anything but!!

I am refusing to put my heating on in June! I'm wearing my fleece indoors :-)