Thursday, 27 June 2013

There was a little more sunshine this morning, and it felt warmer with little or no wind, making for a very pleasant 5 hours out on patch today  :-)

During the 5 hours I tallied up 49 species, a good total for a June day, but the likes of Long Tailed Tit and Sparrowhawk, normally regulars, could of taken the day list to over 50. One of the highlights of the walk was finding a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER at the western end of Ashes lane, there used to be a regular pair here many years ago, so hopefully they will re-establish the territory, especially as the only other pair are over at the college grounds, a place I no longer visit.

The search to add successful breeding birds to the years list received a real boost today, when 4 new species were seen with recently fledged young, the first being a CHIFFCHAFF, a family group were seen in a hedgerow over at the bean fields. This was added to when I at last saw a DUNNOCK family, two young were being fed at the Wooded Headland, the third species was well overdue as well, I spied a MISTLE THRUSH on one of the raspberry support poles at the Greenhouse Grounds, a quick scan around soon found the other adult with a recently fledged youngster. Last but not least, a real treat was had when I found a pair of BULLFINCH over at the Scrubby Woods, these were feeding at least two youngsters, good to see these breeding successfully here  :-)

Whilst over at the Scrubby Woods, I was tipped off that a Painted lady Butterfly had been spotted on some garden Valerian ( thanks K & A for that, and allowing me to access your garden for the photo's!) This was the first sighting of the year for me, the 15 butterfly species this year.
Painted Lady, my first of 2013
Painted Lady
Other notables seen today were a GREY HERON on the Lakes, TREECREEPER, COAL TIT, GOLDCREST, and NUTHATCH in the Wet Woods, LITTLE OWL calling from the Small Holding and also the Greenhouse Copse, and 3 gull species flying over, BLACK HEADED, HERRING and LESSER BLACK BACKED, two raptor species were seen today, COMMON BUZZARD, of which two circled high over the Greenhouses, and KESTREL which posed nicely on said Greenhouses for a photo  :-)
Kestrel - Female


Phil said...

Nice Painted Lady Warren. Haven't seen one myself for two years.

Marc Heath said...

It was typically nice here all day when I was working and then at 4pm as I was leaving.......... The clouds rolled in and there was no sun. 1 Heath Frit though in East Blean woods. Nice Painted Lady shots. A few raring at the moment.

Warren Baker said...

You're due one then Phil :-)

Warren Baker said...

The weekend looks reasonable at least :-)

ShySongbird said...

It sounded like a pleasant and rewarding day Warren with the successful breeders and the Painted Lady and sunshine too! No sun here at all and raining this afternoon :-( Lovely photos of both the Painted Lady and the Kestrel.

I loved the photos of the Nuthatch and the Large Skipper on yesterday's post which looked beautiful on the buttercup as did the Meadow Brown on the earlier post.

A shame about the poor old Slow Worm by the way, I would have felt a bit miffed too, think I've only ever seen one in my garden once and that seems ages ago now.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
Thanks for the kind comments :-) It was a much better day today than yesterday :-)

Had a look for slow worms in my garden today - none found :-(

Sharon said...

I'm so jealous that you've seen Bullfinch family! I usually hear the male (sounding depressed), but can't see him.

Lovely photos of the Painted Lady, and brilliant that the Kestrel posed for you :)

Has been raining here all day - doesn't stop our woodmouse feeding on the nuts though :)

Pete Woodruff said...

I'm not all that hopeful of a Painted Lady again this year up here in't north Warren. The Kestrel is a brilliant little falcon and your images do the bird full justice.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Good numbers of Painted Ladies seem to have come in recently with the odd Clouded Yellow .
Valerian is a great plant for attracting butterflies .
Love the Kestrel close ups .

Jason K said...

Painted Lady...and what a stunner too! not seen one this year warren