Friday, 8 August 2014

The heavy rain predicted for early this morning didn't arrive until 08:30hrs, even then it only lasted an hour, hardly worth the ''severe weather warning'' given out by the met office! Worst still, I was late out as I didn't set the alarm last night, expecting it to be very wet first thing today  :-(

In the end I only got out for two short visits, both to the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley, but I did have a bit of interest there, the PEREGRINE was seen flying over for the third day in succession, two BUZZARDS were up soaring, a male KESTREL was seen, as was a SPARROWHAWK and a probable Hobby spooked up the 50-60 SWALLOWS from the Greenhouse rooves, with them were around a dozen HOUSE MARTINS.

BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF and WHITETHROAT were the other summer species seen, but another did put in an appearance, a Migrant Alley specialty, that being a WHEATEAR (66), the first of the Autumn, it flew from the paddocks and off over the Greenhouses, hopefully more will follow  :-)

I didn't get to take a single photo today, but I have a few images that were lingering in the ''Blog pics'' folder, so i'll put them up!

Beautiful Demoiselle

Beautiful Demoiselle




Marc Heath said...

I'm sure there will be more Wheatears to come with you soon and probably a Whinchat, keep fence watching!

Warren Baker said...

Fence watching is my Autumn past time Marc :-)