Saturday, 12 November 2016

A couple of short patch visits over the last two mornings were undertaken in very contrasting conditions, Friday was bright and sunny, while today was very dull, drizzly and overcast.

A REED BUNTING (55) that flew over Migrant Alley during Fridays visit was the first of the month, but not much else was of note, just a GREY WAGTAIL, plus a light passage of MEADOW PIPITS and SKYLARKS. The KESTREL pair were seen at the Greenhouse Grounds, the only other raptors about were BUZZARDS, which called noisily from the Wet Woods.

This morning I added LAPWING (56) to the months list, a small flock of 33 flew over high House Lane, where I also saw two YELLOWHAMMERS in a hawthorn bush besides Bustard Hill. Little else was noted in the dismal conditions though.

Fridays sunshine allowed for a few of images to be taken of the garden birds at my feeders.


HOUSE SPARROW.....A rare treat now-a-days!



Pete Woodruff said...

Is the House Sparrow a 'rare treat' for your garden, or a 'rare species' for your area Warren.

Warren Baker said...

A bit of both really. They are rarer in my garden though,with just one or two a month. Out on my patch there are probably around a dozen pairs.