Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A crisp and frosty start to the morning was a bit of a shock after the recent balmy conditions!

I visited the lakes and Scrubby Woods first thing, hoping to pick up a few of the missing regular species for the October list, I didn't add anything there, but on the way, as I passed through the Small holding, I did find STOCK DOVE (41) and GREENFINCH (42) for the months list.

At least 5 BUZZARDS were seen over the area, 3 of those were soaring up together in the blue sky over Migrant Alley, they were the only raptors seen today though. Very little else to note today that wasn't seen yesterday.

I spent a few hours trying to take some photo's of the garden birds at my feeding station, but little is visiting, despite the cooler weather,a COAL TIT was the first for a month though.

There is always a GOLDFINCH to photograph, just to keep my hand in  :-)

This immature WOODPIGEON had its fill of the sunflower hearts too.


Marc Heath said...

Some crisp images today Warren from your saviour garden. Nor sure about the brickwork background though! Blog updated here @

Warren Baker said...

I struggle with the garden backrounds - worst is the bright white plastic window surrounds! Might have to get the bed sheets out again :-)

Ken. said...

Not up to your usual longer posts with many species seen and where seen etc.I may not leave a comment as often as I didbut they do make a good read. After looking at the Pigeon pictureI which I l like I didn't pay any attention to the background

Warren Baker said...

I didn't realise anyone read my posts so avidly!

Sorry for the abbreviated posts, it's all down to time, Plus, I must admit, I lose a bit of incentive, never knowing if anyone reads it anyway!!

I will endeavour to be a bit more industrious in future posts mate :-)

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Loads of us read your daily updates, probably a darn sight more than read the rubbish wot I rite

Keep up the good work



Warren Baker said...

I read your blog regularly ;-)