Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Nothing has changed overnight, the same cold northerly wind nagged away throughout the day, driving me nuts!! Most of the same bird species were noted again - probably the same birds! One exception was the sighting of two FIELDFARE at the College Grounds, a late record for my patch, in fact the latest, along with one seen on this day last year.

I had toyed with the idea of trying to reach 60 species in one day as I left this morning, but I think i'll try that later in the month, I would have failed miserably if had attempted it anyway, as todays list reached just 44, and considering I was out for 7 hours today, thats a pretty poor return.

The above female PHEASANT was very reluctant to fly off, maybe her nest was nearby, ive never encountered any young Pheasants on my patch, it seems all the nests fail at some point.

This BLACKCAP was belting out his song, making light of the cold wind, one of 7 heard on territory today.

A male BULLLFINCH showed well, but to distant for a good photo, nice to see though.

A Small Tortoiseshell was a good find, they were very scarce two years ago, and had a bit of a recovery last year, maybe this year they will do even better

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon watching the 'Pub Field' get muck spread and ploughed, hoping that some gulls would drop in. They did, but in no great numbers and didn't hang about, 7 HERRING and two LESSER BLACKBACKED GULL were the only visitors.

Another load of manure goes down............

....................Then its ploughed in.......
As soon as the plough hit the field the first ROOKS came in, some took food away suggesting they had young to feed back at the nearby Rookery

It didn't take much longer for the PIED WAGTAILS to come down either, a couple of dozen were amongst the furrows.

I might just take an evening stroll down later and check the field once the Tractors have left, you never know, a Whimbrel might just drop in :-)


Chris said...

7 hours out! Wow man!! That's a lot.. Well I'm not even able to go out for more than an hour at most!!! You are really brave Warren and you got a nice picture of bullfinch.
I had to go downtown today for some reasons and forgot to take my camera.. Of course I then spotted a northern pintail (hard to see in Reykjavik normally) and got very close to it, and tons of brent geese. Let's hope they will be there tomorrow ;-)

Mike said...

Nice pics Warren, the Blackcap shot is a cracker.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I can smell that muck from here .
I still can't get that close to a Bullfinch .
Hope that wind stops blowing .

Phil said...

Well done with the Bullfinch shot Warren, they just don't play ball do they, not surprising though considering the persecution they've had in the past.

Bill Benish said...

That tortoiseshell packs quite a bit of color into such a small package. Great photo!

Anonymous said...

Bloody freezing up here Warren. That and the wind direction made the birding hard going.

Steve said...

Great to see the Small Tortoiseshell....I am sure your hours out will bring you something extra special in the next few weeks.