Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Walking to work this morning, across Migrant alley, I wondered to myself will I find an avian treat on one of the fence posts, well, after all, it is my birthday today! As it happened, I spied in the distance what looked like a Robin, or Dunnock sat on the fence rail, I got a little nearer and was ecstatic to see that it was in fact a BLACK REDSTART (79, 58), this is just the 3rd record of this species in this the 9th year of recording on my patch, Happy Birthday me!!

The Black Redstart and the Red Kite, (seen on Monday) are both species never recorded in the month of April before, and they bring the combined April list to 99, it would be nice to see that figure hit the 100.

Straight after work this afternoon, I collected my camera and went back off to Migrant Alley, to try and re-locate the Black Redstart, alas it was nowhere to be seen, despite a thorough scan of the fence posts and rails, and to rub it in it started raining! Not much else was seen either, a few PIED WAGTAILS, the usual resident Corvids and WOODPIGEONS, and the now inevitable SPARROWHAWK that flew over menacingly. I hung about for twenty minutes, in the hope of something turning up, but the afternoon was brought to an early end as the rain got heavier.

In my excitement of seeing the Black Redstart, I managed to drop my phone, which broke into 3 pieces and is now useless! So if anyone reading this blog has sent me a text today I won't be able to answer! Guess what i'm getting as a birthday present ?


The Early Birder said...

Many Happy Returns Warren. I think seeing a Black Redstart would get me into a tizzy as well! Nice find.

BTW just about to post the results of a damp and dismal local stroll.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

MHR Warren - Black Red...B*tch!!!

Have a good un



Greenie said...

Warren ,
A large bottle of Red ?
Have a good one .

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Warren! What a nice surprise the Black Redstart was! Hope you enjoy what's left of the day!

Forest the Bear said...

Congrats on the Black Redstart and the Birthday Warren!!!

Birthday cake...yum,yum!!

Phil said...

Happy Birthday Warren. Great news about the Blackstart, saw one myself at Dungeness today but on your own patch is something else. Well done.

Kingsdowner said...

That's a cracker of a patch tick - well done.
Your hard work shows once again the variety of species that (occasionally) turn up in the unlikeliest of places.
A birthday treat.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Is it your birthday soon ;-) Cool to get a black redstart for the event and a new... phone ;-) Well done on the April list, it is going quite well..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Warren and mega congratulations on finding the Black Redstart. Maybe it`s hot-tailed it to my patch. I wish!!!

Kelly said...

...I hope you had a Happy, Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a Black Redstart is a very good birthday omen. Glad you found one!