Saturday, 3 April 2010

Once again it was cool and blustery out on my patch this morning, but the forecast showers all passed to the west of my patch, apart from one early on, and later in the afternoon it became a bit warmer with some sunny spells.

In the cool of early morning it was again hard to find any meaningful song, only slowly did it pick up, with SONGTHRUSH, MISTLE THRUSH, BLACKBIRD, DUNNOCK, ROBIN and WREN all eventually finding their voices. Of the summer arrivals CHIFCHAFFS were the most vocal, they are being recorded all over my patch now, but Only one BLACKCAP sang, that was from the scrub area from around the lake, where GOLDCREST song has diminished somewhat, maybe they are all paired up now ?

Two SWALLOWS were seen going over Migrant Alley, and a YELLOWHAMMER sang from the tall hedgerow there, whilst across the way, on the college sports pitch, a lone FIELDFARE (52) was seen, I was pleased with this sighting, as not only is it a new species for the month, but it's one left from the winter, and perversly it's these winter leftovers that will be needed if i'm going to set a new April record.

I had an hour out this afternoon, skywatching at Migrant Alley, which gave me 3 Raptor species to add to the PEREGRINE (53) already seen from my front room window. Firstly the KESTREL over the Greenhouse Complex, which somehow evaded being seen this morning, and a bit more exciting a BUZZARD (54) which drifed over whilst I had a SPARROWHAWK in view!

The months list moves on to 54, but it will surely rise in the next few days, as will the year list, as more summer migrants arrive.

Only one photo today - a LNNET


Phil and Mandy said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog mate, we are off to Dungeness on Monday again and fish and chips at the pilot pub...lovely

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Once we get tomorrow out of the way , things are looking better .
As you say , lots of Chiffchaffs about .

Anonymous said...

As you say Warren, there should be a few species to be added to the year list, over the coming weeks. Bring em on, is what i say.

Anonymous said...

We had a really nice day here in Ohio yesterday and today began the same way but turned cooler suddenly and rained. That sent the birds seeking cover. Just the usual house sparrows about, cardinals and the starlings. Heard the crows going over the house earlier this morning.

Chris said...

54 already! Wow that's a number!! I guess you will definitively get more as birds will definitively come in now... Here they start to arrive, but the snow came again with very low temperatures, till -10°C in the morning!!

gypsyrose said...

Hi Warren, I love reading your daily report, I can almost imagine myself there with you, would love to see all the different birds that you see. sorry I don't comment much.
also want to say thank you for all the encouraging comments you leave on my blog I appreciate them all.