Wednesday, 2 March 2011

After a cold and cloudy morning, the sun finally broke through for my afternoon patch visit, and if I kept out of the cold northerly wind, it felt quite springlike :-)

I was itching to get out into the sunshine, as I was sure i'd pick up a hat full of new species for the months list, however it wasn't as easy as I had thought, I think it was the strong cold wind that kept many birds in cover, it certainly subdued their song.

My regular walk to the lakes is getting slightly less muddy now, as things dry out a bit, especially the narrow footpath in the Small Holding, which is where I saw my first addition to the months list for today, when the female SPARROWHAWK (41) was watched as it circled over, no doubt eyeing up my garden feeders! The Wet Woods were very quiet, apart from some singing SISKINS, all I saw in there was a pair of MALLARDS and a MOORHEN.

The lakes are continuing to make a home for the pair of COOTS, but there were no Canada Geese today, only 2 pairs of Mallard and 1 pair of Moorhen. I didn't hang about by the water, as the wind was freezing, so I quickly took cover in the Scrubby Wood, here I found my second addition to the March list, a REDWING (42), it flew right at me, and jinked at the last moment, giving me a flash of the red underwing. I continued to record the regular species, but it's harder now the feeding flocks have split up, however, NUTHATCH, GOLDCREST, more Siskins and LONG TAILED TITS were found, but no Treecreeper today, I new there must be a COAL TIT (43) around somewhere, but it took me a while before finding one to add to the March total !

Clutching at straws, I checked the lake again, nothing had dropped in during my absence though, so I wandered off over to the Tree Nursery and Pub Field, but despite the lovely sunshine I couldn't find anything more for the months list, in fact very little was seen, a few BLACK HEADED and HERRING GULLS went over, and that was it. I had a try around the Greenhouse Complex, hoping for the Pied wagtails to turn up, but even they were elsewhere today, the KESTREL was performing nicely though, hovering over a nearby large garden.

Back at home, whilst filling the feeders up, I flushed the female Sparrowhawk from the evergreen tree at the bottom of the garden, and the MARSH TIT (44) scolded at it with a loud repetitive ''pitchoo''.

With the hawk scared off, I sat and waited for yesterdays Brambling to appear, hoping for a photo, but it never showed today - maybe it's in the Sprawk! One bird that isn't in the sprawk - yet, is this GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, he has taken the place of the last one :-)

Whilst I was waiting for the no show Brambling, I took this STARLING photo

..........and also this lovely male CHAFFINCH


Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
Your a brave man, out there in that bitter cold wind. Not a bad days birds seen though.It is always nice to see a Kestrel, it is not a bird that is seen that much these days.
Nice photo of the Great Spot Warren.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Wouldn't mind a garden big enough for a kestrel to hover over, about 10 acres would do with a coppice, a wilflower meadow, and three for the fish, one for Frank and one for the wildlife, all bordered by one of Greenies freshly laid where did I put that lottery ticket?



Warren Baker said...

Cheers ken,

That was a cold wind !!


If I win the lottery i'll buy you that garden mate :-)

Marc Heath said...

Nice GSW shot, can't see much wrong with this shot. Hopefully with a bit of sun soon this will help out in the photo department.

Warren Baker said...

Cheers marc,

As you say, we just need a bit more light, and a few agreeable birds of course :-)

Bob Bushell said...

Nice photographs Warren.

ShySongbird said...

That wind was vicious Warren and cut into me like a knife

Great news that you have a GSW visiting again, lovely photo :)

Anonymous said...

If it`s any consolation Warren i didn`t have a hat full of birds either. But you knew that already.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren,

Looks like you have added a few new birds while I was away, I'm still waiting for our Coot, he's running late!! :-)

Anthony Miners said...

Super Woodpecker image glad you have another to replace your recently deceased bird.

k.nicholson said...

Hi Warren,
Great photo's. I live just a short walk from your patch and have walked the loop from the scrubb/orchard, past the lakes, on into the wet woods and small holding. I continue on the footpath that goes through the golf course and back onto Cuckoo Lane. Haven't been there for a couple of weeks but have been to Haysden Country Park this week. Best there was a Kestrel perched very close to me and also seeing a pair of Bullfinches, Goldcrests, Treecreeper and Nuthach amongst the usual suspects.
Keep up the good work.