Friday, 4 March 2011

Not much at all is changing on my patch at the moment, I did find the first SKYLARK (49) of the month as I walked home from work, it was singing over Migrant Alley, where the the first lambs have been unleashed onto the pasture, I don't like sheep :-)

The weather was in the same mood as the last few days, cloudy by morning but sunny by afternoon, although the cold wind had eased a touch making for a more comfortable afternoon walk. As I said, nothing has changed much on my patch, I found the LONG TAILED TITS, TREECREEPERS, and NUTHATCH, in the wet woods, with them were 5 GOLDCREST, they seem to have gathered together again over the past couple of days. The lakes had 4 CANADA GEESE, 4 MALLARDS, 2 MOORHEN, and the COOT count was back to 2 again :-)

Another couple of Goldcrest were in the Scrubby Wood, as well as a COAL TIT, and nearby a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER was drumming. Above me I heard the call of a CARRION CROW, the one they make when a Raptor is about, I scanned the sky and found my first COMMON BUZZARD (50) of the month, thanks Crow, a nice bird to bring up the 50 mark for march. I noted at least 5 REDWING on the floor of the wood, not long now before they depart northwards for the summer.

As I walked home today, I checked the Pub Field, and saw 4 FIELDFARE, but nothing else at all on the maize stubbles there. The Tree Nursery had a work crew in, they were 'tidying' the place up as they have to be out in April, this involved a digger, gouging out the nice overgrown drainage ditch, thats a good bit of nesting habitat gone for this year, ah! but it does look nice and tidy !

I'm looking forward to the first full patch visit of March tomorrow morning, I might just get a singing Chiffchaff, but i'm not getting to carried away as the earliest date for this summer migrant is the 10th, and the mean arrival date is the 16th, so I will probably have to wait just a little longer - i'll still be listening though......Chiff, Chaff, Chiff, Chaff, Chiff...... :-)

I didn't get a single photo whilst out this afternoon, so i tried for a few garden snaps when I got home.

This Long Tailed Tit was a welcome visitor, I rarely get these in my garden, March is the month when I am most likely to though. Pity it looks like it's on a jail break :-)

This Female Great Spotted Woodpecker came in and sat where yesterdays Brambling sat, I have cut of the offending leaves now, so the photo is focused today :-)


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Warren Baker said...

errr, yea...will do Teuvo :-)

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren :) Well done with the Skylark and the Buzzard, the numbers are creeping up.

We had sun today :) I too saw a Goldcrest, also an LTT doing an impression of a Treecreeper!

Nice to see the GSW, great photo :)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Songbird,
I'm glad you got out today, and enjoyed the sun, and the Treecreeping Long tailed Tit :-)

Paul said...

Hi Warren, some nice garden shots there mate. I have to say that my garden birds have gone a bit quiet lately?! But there's a pair of Magpies coming to the garden, and flying off with large twigs for their nest building, maybe the Magpies are making the smaller birds nervous?

Anonymous said...

"I have cut of the offending leaves now"
Nowt like a bit of gardening, Warren ;-) I`ve been known to do the same.

Warren Baker said...

Paul I get Magpies in my garden, but the other birds aren't put off :-)