Friday, 25 March 2011

Walking to work this morning, it started off bright and sunny, but within minutes I watched a fog bank roll in, and visibility was restricted to 30 meters, however 30 meters was all that was required to see the second spring migrant species of the year sitting on the last piece of fenceline at Migrant Alley, not one that I was anticipating though, it was a BLACK REDSTART (77, 64)BRILLIANT!!!!!! What a great find! This is only the 3rd spring Black Redstart in the ten years of recording so far, and two of those were seen last spring! It's also the only record of this species for March, that made my day alright :-)

I had a good scan of the paddocks and sheep pasture at Migrant alley as I walked back home from work, but the bird had moved on.

After a bite to eat, I made a quick visit to the lake, just to check up on the COOTS, which were still about, only a pair of MALLARD and a single MOORHEN were on the other lakes today. A quick look round the Scrubby Wood was mainly to try and get a new butterfly species, but I only found the Comma again. A few birds were about as well, TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH, COAL TIT, BULLFINCH, and GOLDCREST were all seen, while quite a few of the BLUE TITS were now observed carrying nest material, as was a ROBIN and BLACKBIRD.

I spent most of the afternoon watching the Pub Field, which was already being ploughed in, frequent scanning of the fresh turned earth provided me with at least 13 PIED WAGTAILS, as well as the gang of Corvids. Surprisingly the only Gulls seen were a flock of 7 BLACK HEADED GULLS, they only stayed for a few minutes, before moving on northwards. Above the field I saw the female SPARROWHAWK, then a few moments later one of the PEREGRINES flew over clutching its dinner. Six STOCK DOVES, and two CHAFFINCH were the only other birds seen on the plough.

I finished with another quick look around Migrant Alley, hoping for a Wheatear, but still they elude me, I think I have probably missed one or two whilst I have been at work, as I find the best time to see them is mid morning. 7 STARLINGS a few WOODPIGEON and a flyover LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL made up the afternoon. The day goes to the Black Redstart seen first thing though, well chuffed with that :-)


Marc Heath said...

A great find, well done. I didn't do Reculver today but there were Wheatear and Black Redstart there plus a Red Kite.I'm hoping for a good weekend, will it be?

Warren Baker said...

They arrive just when you turn your back Marc.

Should get something this weekend, good luck with it :-)

ShySongbird said...

Well done with the Black Redstart Warren, brilliant! It would have more than made my day as I have never seen one.

Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
Well done on finding the Black Redstart. If you are going to find a migrant, that's a great species to get.
Nice Comma photo from the day before.
Have a good weekend.

Phil said...

Great find Warren, i'm suitably jealous of course. I expect you'll get your Wheatear very soon, maybe one will find it's way to NH this spring!

Warren Baker said...

Ken, Thanks mate,
Hope you can get out this weekend too :-)


Keep your eyes peeled this weekend, you may just get one too :-)

Frank said...

Nice one Warren. I think I'll have to give the gardening a break and check the local paddocks this weekend although won't hold my breath for a Wheatear!
Good to see the flutters are capturing your attention.

Alan Pavey said...

Great stuff, Warren, good find, apparently there was Willow Warbler and Blackcap at Sissinghurst this morning, hopefully you'll get some more stuff at the weekend.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Great find the Black Redstart , well done .
Haven't seen one since Samphire Hoe , a good few years ago .

Pete Woodruff said...

I reckon you deserved the rewards of the Black Redstart for all the dedication you put into your passion for the you a nice feeling dunnit!

Bob Bushell said...

Finding the Black Redstart was a lovely sight, I hope you'll get more.

Monika said...

Congrats on the black redstart! I looked it up to compare with our American redstart, and was surprised at how similar they look despite being unrelated (a fact that also surprised me).

Anonymous said...

Great find, Warren. I`m another one that`s extremely jealous.

Keith N said...

Hi Warren, I was at Dungeness yesterday and there were quite a few Wheatears on the beach area. Should be in Pittswood over the next couple of days.
Good luck!

Andy said...

Hi Warren

Black Redstart, great find. That would be patch tick over here in EP. However, first Blackcap today on Friday. Shouldn't be long now for you.