Monday, 4 April 2011

First thing this morning as I left for work, I noticed at least 4 SISKIN (58) in the garden, another of those left over winter species for the months list :-)

This afternoon a cool, moderate breeze blew, making it feel chilly, but at least it broke the cloud up as the day went on. I visited the lake as normal, alas, all I found were the now resident pair of COOTS, the pair of CANADA GEESE and just one MALLARD.

I went and had a 20 minute sit in the scrubby woods, hoping to maybe hear one of my favourite summer songsters, the Willow Warbler, they pass through my patch but rarely stay. I didn't hear one, and in fact bird song was at a premium all round, BLACKCAPS and CHIFFCHAFFS were the most prominent singers, with DUNNOCK joining in on occasions, calls from NUTHATCH were heard in the distance, and the only other song was from a GOLDCREST as I was leaving. Whilst there I found a SONGTHRUSH nest with the female sitting tight, I thought about a photo, but decided against it, maybe if the nest is successful i'll go back for some feeding shots, but I dont hold out much hope, the nest is a bit early really, and lacks much cover.

As usual, my next stop was to scan the Pub Field, and found absolutely nothing on the recent plough! The Tree Nursery wasn't much better, a few PIED WAGTAILS were bathing in some puddles of water that remain in the deep wheel ruts, and a SPARROWHAWK whizzed through at head height. A walk round the paddocks at Migrant Alley was also fruitless, maybe due to the disturbance there caused by the stable girls mending the horse chewed fence rails, I took up my seat and watched the sky for an hour, which gave me a KESTREL, a BUZZARD, a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and a SWALLOW, but nothing new for the month or year, good job I had those Siskin this morning!

I resorted to photographing the garden birds when I returned home, but the Siskins didn't turn up :-)
Above and Below GOLDFINCH





Bob Bushell said...

Lovely pictures, for early mornings.

Subbuteo said...

There was a female wheatear in the horse paddock on the far side of the track through the scrub on the north side of migrant alley at about five this evening. Just off your patch I think, but I'm sure you'll be lucky again soon!

Warren Baker said...


That's on my patch ! Doh, came home to soon! Bah!!!

Mary said...

The Collared Dove is just a love~

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I agree entirely re. the bird song today , it was almost non existant .
Shame about the Wheatear .

ShySongbird said...

Very nice garden bird photos Warren, shame you couldn't get the Siskins.

I hope the Song Thrush will be successful, they seem to have declined quite a lot in the last few years.

Phil said...

I think the cold wind subdued everything today Warren, better later in the week apparently.

Warren Baker said...

I'll keep you ypdated on the Thrush :-)

Phil, the cold wind kept me subdued as well!!

Pete Woodruff said...

I note you've 'caught' another ringed bird on film, the Goldfinch. Though I can't remember what the last one was I noticed Warren....its my age!

Chris said...

Beautiful pictures Warren... A small request: Whena re you gonna send our migrants back? ;-) Nothing has arrived yet over here, but looks like you still have plenty in your area ;-)

Anonymous said...

Be lucky to hear anything up here today, Warren. It`s blowing a hooley out there.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, really nice pics again, I'm still waiting for Swallow and the Siskins have disappeared!