Thursday, 28 April 2011

I took the above photo of the Fox last evening, as it came into the garden for food scraps, a bit of a rushed photo as you can see, ive cut off his legs and tail!

Back to today, and what a difference from yesterday, the sun was mostly hidden behind cloud, and a cold wind blew, this made the walk over to the Scrubby Woods today devoid of Butterflies, Damselflies and Dragonflies! Being an afternoon visit, not much was seen or heard on the bird front either, mind you it's always good to hear TURTLE DOVE, BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF and CUCKOO all singing together, even if it was a bit sporadic :-)

I spent ages waiting for the Cuckoo to alight on the power lines that cross the Scrubby Wood where it likes to call from, and although it did briefly come down, it was away again as soon as I moved. I gave some of my rather good, ( if I do say so myself !) Cuckoo calls, which brought it zooming in to defend its territory, but again it was too fast for me, but after an hour of chasing around, I did manage a photo of sorts! It settled on the power lines, but behind the tree foliage so I couldn't focus on it properly

Very little else was noted this afternoon, the Coots haven't hatched out any young yet, and the second CANADA GOOSE nest is also awaiting the hatching day. I left for home, and visited the Tree nursery and Pub Field, the latter was empty and the former had a WHITETHROAT singing, and a SPARROWHAWK flyover, the run off pool on the boundary of the two fields had some MOORHEN young on it, the fifth species this year I have confirmed successful breeding for.

With the next 4 days off work, I hope things liven up a bit, I still need that one species to equal the record species tally for April, but just two days left to do it!


Jason K said...

stunning fox picture Warren...They are very much misuderstood and mistreated creatures....I personally think we should hunt the toffs with a pack of hounds to see how they like it...but dont start me off on my anti-hunting rhetoric!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Nowt wrong with your cuckoo shot, Warren, looks focused OK to where did I put me glasses??? No really its a beaut, little chance of seeing one round here these days.
You had swift yet? If not that must surely be the one to bring the ton up.



Warren Baker said...

Jase- I like anti hunt rhetoric :-)

Dave- No Swift here yet mate, hope to get it for the April list though.

Phil said...

Like Jason says Warren, very nice Fox pic, eeven if it hasn't got paws!
I reckon Swift will be your next tick, but will you get it before sunday?????

Anonymous said...

I`ve all on seeing a Fox, full stop. Never mind in the garden.
Just had 2 Swift over my garden. I`m willing something your way for either the year or month lists.
Stay positive, Warren. You know anything can turn up at this time of year ;-)

ShySongbird said...

Ah! If only we had fly-on-the-wall-vision or in my case songbird-in-the-hedge-vision, I would have paid to see and hear you doing your Cuckoo impression ;) Well done on the photo. Still not heard one here.

Nice capture of the Fox!

Warren Baker said...

Phil- I'm on full Swift alert !

Cheers Dean- I am positive, honest :-)

Songbird - I went Cuck-oo, Cuck-oo :-)

Derek Faulkner said...

Shame you're gonna have to miss much of tomorrow's birdwatching so that you can see the big wedding.

Warren Baker said...

Derek - I rather watch paint dry, anyway, there are much more interesting parasites to find out on my patch :-)

Derek Faulkner said...

Well, rare as it is, I quite agree with you. I couldn't bare to watch all those free-loaders enjoying the best of food and wine at our expense.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Like the Fox shot too .
Still haven't found any Blues , but got BBC today .

squirrell said...

Love the fox, and the cuckoo's stripy legs.

Alan Pavey said...

Great Fox pic Warren, I found it hard work this morning sounds like you did a bit better :-)

Mike said...

Nice pics Warren, would love to get a clear shot of a Cuckoo.