Monday, 18 April 2011

Ho Hum! Back to work today :-( .

At least the weather is still favourable, again it was sunny and warm today, and as I walked into work across Migrant alley there was a light mist. I was on the lookout for a Whinchat, as scarce as they are here in the spring I might just find one, my Whinchat wasn't fourthcoming, however, at the north end of Migrant alley I heard a chak-chak-chak coming from the top of an ash tree some 30m away, I knew what it was going to be before my bins were focused on it, which I eventually managed to do after calming down - yes, it was a RING OUZEL (92,73), a cracking male no less, faaaaaaaantastic!!!!! This is only the second Ring Ouzel to visit my patch in the ten years of recording, the last was in October last year, also a male. Obviously this makes this my first spring record, Oh happy days :-)

On my return journey home, I again scanned the fields and fence lines, and was rewarded with yet another WHEATEAR, Migrant Alley has done well today! I hurried home and got my camera, but the Wheatear wouldn't let me anywhere near enough for a decent photograph.

I didn't stay out long, as i am changing my tactics today, I will go out this evening and see whats about, so i'll post on this evenings visit tomorrow.

I found this Speckled Wood in the Greenhouse Complex grounds, looks like a fresh one.

Below is a long distant photo of the Wheatear.

Above is a ROBIN and below is a BLACKBIRD, these were taken at my garden feeder, I was waiting for the male BULLFINCH to turn up, which it did, but it saw me move and was off like a shot, at one point I was just 2m from it, and had him in my camera view, but I was too slow, i'll get him eventually!


ShySongbird said...

Wow, a Ring Ouzel! I have never seen one, well done Warren :) With the Wheatear as well, Migrant Alley certainly deserves its name.

That is a very spick and span Speckled Wood and the garden bird photos are lovely too.

Anonymous said...

Well done on your 2nd patch Ring Ouzel, Warren. And well done on overtaking me with both the year & month totals.

Bob Bushell said...

It is a beautiful Wheatear, good photos.

Phil said...

Great find Warren, i've only ever seen them up mountains. What I wouldn't give to find one locally.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

At this rate you'll get to the ton before the end of the month!

Ring Ouzel - Crackin stuff - jealous or what...



Greenie said...

Warren ,
Brilliant record , well done , and on a work day .
Years since I've seen one .

Jason K said...

Fantastic news picking up your second only patch Ring find mate!

Chris said...

Dear Warren,
This is an official demand concerning migratory birds... Could you please let the northern wheatear come back home??? I mean come on ;-) we are in mid-April and nonw have been seen around ;-) Well, not my fault if it is snowing mate ;-)
A ring ouzel, wow that's a real plus... Iðm sure you were more than happy about that one. I remember there was one lost last year in Iceland but it was far up in the North ;-)

Wilma said...

A little sunshine sure goes a long way toward getting great photos like those you got.

Alan Pavey said...

What a stunner Warren, excellent stuff!! Let's hope there are some more surprises to come :-)