Friday, 2 March 2012

Early fog lifted into low cloud today, making for a dull and gloomy afternoon patch visit, no need for the camera today then!

The search for new species for the month continued with my walk over to the lakes, and a few of the regular species that were missed yesterday were found, three JAYS (39) were seen in the Small Holding, along with a couple of MISTLE THRUSH (40) and a small group of BLACK HEADED GULLS (41) that  few over just as I was entering the Wet woods were also added to the March list.

The Wet Woods didn't yield anything at all today, but the lake and Scrubby Woods area was quite good. Ten REDWINGS sat in an Ash tree, and a CORMORANT (42) flew in and alighted on the main lake. A small flock of SISKIN (43) were chattering from the top of a pine tree, probably around 8 birds. On the water it was down to CANADA GEESE, COOT, MALLARD and MOORHEN, but the hoped for Kingfisher wasn't seen. The surrounding Scrubby Woods were scanned, with BULLFINCH, COAL TIT, TREECREEPER, GOLDCREST all being seen or heard, the species I was on the lookout for didn't show though, the Nuthatch, they have gone very quiet, not even had one in my garden for a day or so.

I made an effort to visit the Tree Nursery and scan the Pub Field, I found the KESTREL (44) up hunting, as well as a flyover HERRING GULL (45), also, in a lone Oak, 7 FIELDFARE were seen. Not much else was recorded here apart from the usual MAGPIES, and GREEN WOODPECKERS.

A short sky watch at Migrant alley didn't produce the anticipated Yellowhammer or Skylark, they will have to wait until tomorrows full patch walk, but a pair of LITTLE OWLS (46) were heard calling from the nearby Greenhouse Copse, the eighth species to be added to the March list today - so not a bad couple of hours  :-)


Anonymous said...

We`re level after today, Warren. That could change though after the weekend.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Dean,
The weather looks to be getting progressively wetter this weekend - I dont hold a lot of hope for seeing spring migrants this week!

Rohrerbot said...

I hope you investigate the little owls area...that would be so cool to see! Chris

Greenie said...

Warren ,
How can two days be so different .
I bet that Swallow wishes it had hung on a bit in Africa .

Alan Pavey said...

Good start Warren, 46 species already. I'm hoping to get out again one day!!!