Monday, 26 March 2012

No meaningful patch visit was made today, i'm still full of this lousy cold!!  How frustrating, especially as the weather is so warm and sunny.

I twice walked the circuit of Migrant Alley, once around 10:00hrs and again at 15:00hrs, but I wasn't really with it at all today, only brief scans of the fence lines and paddocks were made, but no summer migrants were found, I did see plenty of raptor activity though, with 4 BUZZARDS, two SPARROWHAWKS and a KESTREL, all up at the same time.

Hopefully tomorrow i'll feel a bit more enthusiastic, until then I'll leave you with some WREN photo's I took this morning, plus a WOODPIGEON from my garden and the GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS I took yesterday, also at my garden feeders  :-)
This Wren was in full song, and sat patiently while I snapped away
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker


Anonymous said...

Love the 3rd/4th shot of the Wren, Warren.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Dean,
All this good light about is a photographers dream, although after about 10am the light is too harsh, cant win!! :-)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Warren, I particularly like the ones of the Wren! You know it really isn't fair that you men have the muscles to hand hold the longer lenses, it is so frustrating to own one but not be able to use it much :-(

Hope you feel a lot better tomorrow so you can enjoy this glorious weather more, if it stayed like this for the rest of the year it would be just perfect for me :-)

Phil said...

Hope you feel better soon Warren. Terrible thing this man flu!! :-)

Ken. said...

Sorry that you are feeling under the weather, let's hope you are back on track soon.
Love the Wren shots, one of my favourite garden birds.

Rohrerbot said...

Maybe not much going on today birdwise, BUT the wren shots are wonderful:)

Warren Baker said...

If you saw me you would not describe me as muscular :-)

The downside of being a man is this Manflu we have to endure LoL :-) :-)

Christian said...

Hi Warren

Cracking Wren shots mate - I've never got so close!