Saturday, 24 August 2013

Periods of rain, heavy at times, swept across the area all day today, however I did get out for a couple of brief visits, only around the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley, but they proved worthwhile.

At 07:30hrs I visited the paddocks and sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, where I was pleased to see a WHINCHAT feeding from the wooden fence lines, the third one this month  :-)  The STARLING flock on the sheep pasture had swelled to over 500, and was continually on the move as it foraged across the fields, rain soon moved in, and I headed off home again  :-(

Around Midday, it looked to be brightening up a bit, so I took a look around the Greenhouse Grounds, there I found 2 BLACKCAP and 2 WHITETHROAT, but little else. I had my camera on me, so went to find the Whinchat seen earlier in the day. A YELLOW WAGTAIL called as I made my way across the sheep pasture, then the rain started again! I was dtermined to get some kind of photo of the Whinchat so carried on, all the while keeping my camera out of the rain under my coat!

I found the Whinchat, but was extra pleased when I also saw that a WHEATEAR had joined it, that soon took flight on my approach however, and headed across the other side of the paddock, but I did get a few record shots of the Whinchat, just before the heavens opened. 

Having got my record shots, I took shelter under a tree, and as I watched the rain my visit was made even more worthwhile when I spotted a SNIPE (70) going over, a good addition to the months list, and the first one recorded for any August  :-)

I made a quick dash for home once the heavy rain eased, and on the way saw the KESTREL on the Greenhouse roof, as well as noting a flock of 20+ HOUSE SPARROWS on Ashes lane, the most seen for some time, when I looked to see what had attracted them I found the Lane had been sprinkled with spilled wheat from the trailers that whizz up and down the lane at this time of year   :-)
Whinchat, Migrant Alley is giving me some Autumn Migrants at last
Finding a Whinchat ( with a Wheatear) is worth getting wet for any day!


Anonymous said...

Nice one, Warren. Can`t remember last time i saw a Whinchat.

Marc Heath said...

Some nice migrants moving through Warren.

Alan Pavey said...

Nice one Warren, an early Whinchat, didn't get out today unfortunately.

Pete Woodruff said...

I'll second that Warren....'finding a Whinchat is worth getting wet for any day'....a little MEGA in anybody's records.

Jason K said...

Nice Whinchat Warren....I haven't had a sniff of one at Shenstone as yet this year