Thursday, 8 August 2013

The early mist soon burnt off to leave a blue sky and plenty of sunshine for this mornings patch visit. Once again I was on the lookout for passage migrants, checking the scrub around the Greenhouse Grounds, the Greenhouse Copse, as well as the paddocks and sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, and although it was busier than yesterday in these habitats, the only passage migrant found was a WILLOW WARBLER on the edge of the Greenhouse Copse, where I also heard a NUTHATCH call, not a usual place for this species to be found.
Willow Warbler
Willow Warbler
The BLACKCAP and WHITETHROAT families in the Greenhouse Grounds were active this morning, the adults of both species were feeding Raspberries their respective offspring. A YELLOWHAMMER flew out of an area of tall grass, carrying food away, good to see them breeding nearby, if not on my patch, plus the two GREY WAGTAILS were again seen around the water intake area, and not for from there the three young KESTRELS sat on the Raspberry support poles, the first time ive seen them all together for a while  :-)
Immature Blackcap
Immature Blackcap

Young Kestrel
Young Kestrel
Migrant Alley had not attracted any Wheatear, Whinchat or Yellow Wagtails, as it can do at this time of year, just the flock of ROOKS and JACKDAWS were seen, its disappointing also not to see the mixed flock of Linnet and Goldfinch frequenting the paddocks, in previous Autumns up to 80 birds could be seen. Up above there were plenty of SWALLOWS though, and once again they attracted the attentions of a HOBBY, while higher up still, a BUZZARD was soaring.

Having convinced myself there were no migrants to be found, I took a walk over to the Scrubby Woods and Lakes, mainly hoping to add Long Tailed Tit or Mistle Thrush to the months list, however none were seen. JAYS were more active than of late though, and a COAL TIT sang, at least 2 parties of BULLFINCH were seen, and a TREECREEPER called. A check of the berry bearing shrub was made, and I was pleased to see the GARDEN WARBLER feeding in it again, along with a CHIFFCHAFF and more Blackcaps.

As the heat of the day increased the bird activity decreased, and my attention turned to Dragons and damsels, as well as the more numerous Butterflies. The only Damsel seen was a Common Blue, while Dragon flies were represented by just Brown Hawker and Common Darter.

I was more successful with the Butterflies, recording - Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Peacock, Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Large and Small Whites, Comma, Purple Hairsteak and Common Blue.
Common Darter Dragonfly
Common Darter Dragonfly
Comma Butterfly
Common Blue Butterfly


Alan Pavey said...

Nice Willow Warbler pics Warren, couldn't get close to the 2 here this morning.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Alan,
I dont normally get that close to them either, had a bit of luck today :-)

Marc Heath said...

Another set of quality pic Warren. I found another new dragonfly today but probably the worst ever photos of it. So bad I may not publish them. Here is a clue LE!

Ken. said...

I agree with Alan, love the Willow Warbler shots especially the first one. As for butterflies, it is always nice to see the underwing, sometimes there more attractive that the upper.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
You can add my name to the list of admirers of those Willow Warbler shots . Nice .

Jason K said...

Nice to see those young warblers about isn't it mate.

P.s. I've finally got a handful of Common Blues on my patch now!

Pete Woodruff said...

An excellent count of c.50 Common Blue in our area the other day. You are capturing some really excellent images too warren.