Sunday, 22 December 2013

Another very wet and windy mornings patch visit, the ground is now saturated and cant hold anymore water, leaving large puddles on some of the fields, these I checked for some exotic wader, like Lapwing or Snipe, maybe even a Green Sandpiper, but I had no luck with that !

Over on the Lakes there was a reasonable amount of activity with 20 or so MALLARD, 6 MOORHEN, 4 pairs of MANDARIN DUCK, 2 CANADA GEESE, a CORMORANT and the KINGFISHER, while the Scrubby Woods was much quieter than recent visits, just the COAL TIT and GOLDCREST were seen of the scarcer woodland Species.

I made some effort to have a sky watch from my seat over at Migrant Alley in the latter stages of my walk, when the rain finally ceased and the sun came out. My 40 minutes spent there was rewarded with my first LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL (60) of the month, which flew over with a mixed group of gulls, BLACK HEADED and HERRING being with them. A few MEADOW PIPITS also went over, as did another Cormorant, 3 REDWINGS were nice to see, just the 3rd record of these this month.

Quite a disappointing visit really, but with the weather being so wet and warm, I cant see much chance of the expected winter species turning up here. The weather over the next couple of days is expected to get even wetter and windier, so any visits look as though they will again be on the short side!

At least I added the Lesser Black Backed Gull to the December list today, which is now on 60, putting it in 7th place out of 12, however I think i'll struggle to reach the mean monthly species count of the past 5 years, which is 68.

I tried for some photo's from my garden this afternoon, the warm weather means little activity at my feeders, and the SPARROWHAWK was hanging around again, keeping away what was hungry! However I did just get a few snaps of this JACKDAW on the fat logs  :-)


Phil said...

Hi Warren. Looks like difficult weather conditions and seasonal duties will make it difficult for me to get out before the new year. Hope you fare better than me.
Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you and yours.

Warren Baker said...

Happy Christmas Phil,
I'll sneak off out at some point, whatever!

Marc Heath said...

Today was just the pits, I didn't even last an hour. You get a holiday and then the bloody weather ruins everything.

Wilma said...

Never seen jackdaws in person - they seem quite handsome. Is it a trick of the light, or are their eyes pale blue? Glad you got the gull.

Pete Woodruff said...

Hate to say this Warren but....I think you might need to anchor yourself down with a heavy weight in preparation for Sunday night/Mondays wet and wild weather.

N'er mind, get this holiday over and done with and it'll be Easter before we know it.

Warren Baker said...

Today was meant to be the better of the days running up to xmas marc!

Warren Baker said...

Wilma, The Jackdaws eyes are indeed a lovely Blue colour :-)