Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fog just clearing at 15:00hrs
A dense fog enshrouded my patch all day today, making it pretty hopeless to find any birds, I did start out on a walk to the Lakes, but soon realised I was onto a looser, visibility was down to 50-60 meters and when I reached the lakes even the MUTE SWANS were partially hidden by fog, although the KINGFISHERS shrill, high pitched call was picked out from somewhere in the fog.

I ended up helping out with the decorating back home, so poor were conditions out there  :-(

How different it was on Sunday morning when I took these ROBIN photo's!



Wilma said...

conditions must have been dire to make decorating preferable to birding! The robin makes for a lovely natural decoration.

Warren Baker said...

I can go out birding in most conditions, but when the fog is this bad its hopeless!