Thursday, 12 December 2013

There was still no let up in the dense fog today, incredible that 3 days in a row have been so foggy! I did try and ''see'' what was about around midday, when I had a wander over to the lakes during a brief 20 minute spell of less foggy conditions, but apart from the MUTE SWAN and a CORMORANT it proved a hopeless task, made more intolerable by the cascading drips of water/ice falling from the trees  :-(

Apparently this could be the last day of the fog, god I hope so, I'm fed up with this black and white world!

Last of my 'blog brighteners' today -


Marc Heath said...

Hopefully the fog will go just in time for the weekend for me to get out. Thanks for your comment on my website, appreciated.

Pete Woodruff said...

I know just how you feel Warren, but your Starling images are brilliant.

Wilma said...

Too bad about the fog! A day of fog here and there is not so bad, but day after gloomy day is a bit much. It was a gloomy day here in Central America too - if that makes you feel any better. Of course the temps are a bit higher here. ;-)

I am always amazed by how gorgeous the European Starling is in Europe. The European Starling in North America is a mere faded version what you capture in your terrific photos.

Warren Baker said...

Good luck for the weekend Marc :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Pete,
It always helps the photography when the sun is out ;-)

Warren Baker said...

Hi Wilma,
Normally its too wet and windy here in December for fog to be around for days on end!! :-)