Sunday, 23 November 2014

An early attempt at a patch walk was soon aborted this morning as persistent rain came in, which hung around all day, making for a very dark and dismal day  :-(

The only birds of note seen on my 20 minute visit were the KESTREL pair that sat up on the Greenhouse rooves.

A large female SPARROWHAWK visited my garden late in the morning, taking a COLLARED DOVE, which it plucked and ate in situ, a gruesome thing to witness, as the Dove took an age to die whilst be eaten!

Looks like the rain will clear through during the night and some sunshine is forecast for tomorrow, hopefully i'll get out for a full patch walk and find something new for the months list  :-)

Nothing left in the blog photo folder now, so its a case of digging deep into my archives for a relevant image.



Marc Heath said...

What a rubbish day weather wise, tomorrow looks brighter but of course it does, I have work naturally!! Nice Sparrowhawk shot.

Warren Baker said...

Can you work 7 days a week please :-) :-)