Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Still feeling rough, under the influence of my cold virus, I treated myself to a lie in, then a proper breakfast this morning. By 09:00hrs I had ventured out for a short patch visit, only going as far as the lakes by way of the Ashes lane Field.

Looking back across the Ashes Lane Fields, as you can see. it was dull and murky, typical for November

Crossing the above fields, I saw a SPARROWHAWK fly low over, chased by a pair of CARRION CROWS, also  a couple of MEADOW PIPITS flew up, and at least 3 SKYLARKS were heard going over.

The ornamental lake.

Reaching the lakes I was ever hopeful that a visiting duck species would be present, but apart from the MUTE SWAN family, COOT pair, the usual half dozen MALLARD, plus a dozen MOORHEN, all on the ornamental lake, I was to be disappointed, however seeing the KINGFISHER fly across the water was a bonus.

On the main lake only another Mallard was present, but then, a splash was heard, I looked at the resultant ripple of water and saw a fantastic female GOOSANDER (67) very nice of it to drop in and make my day! Goosanders can be expected on the lakes almost every year, but they are more likely at the end of winter than the beginning, this is the 7th year running they have been sighted before the end of the year, giving an average arrival date of December 8th.

 My view of the female Goosander ! I didn't feel like lugging the big lens around this morning, the photo's today were taken with my 100mm macro lens!

Whilst watching the Goosander fish, then preen for some 20 minutes, I noted a few birds around me, a LONG TAILED TIT flock moved briskly through, with it were TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH, GOLDCREST, COAL TIT and the usual BLUE and GREAT TITS. GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS were seen, pus BULLFINCHES were heard. I soon began to feel the damp cold getting to me ( although it wasn't really cold) and headed off home for tea and toast. Short as the visit was, it was good to see the Goosander, which moves the November species list up to 67, the second best November tally so far, and there's still 11 more days to go to try and equal the record tally, just got to get rid of this cold virus  :-(

Two SONGTHRUSHES visited my garden this afternoon, a very scarce bird for my little wildlife refuge, it's the 24th species to visit this month  :-)


Derek Faulkner said...

Looking at the photos that you post of your patch, I really don't know why you complain about the state of it, sure some cleaning up might take place, but it sure looks good to me.

Warren Baker said...

Funny you should say that.
I took my small lens out this morning with the idea of taking some images of parts of my patch that have been devastated, but I thought that a bit too negative.

The shot across the 'Ashes Lane Fields' is very misleading, it represents the best of whats left here!