Friday, 7 November 2014

With heavy pulses of rain blowing through on a stiff SW wind this morning, my patch visit was very short and sweet, with very little being seen, unsurprisingly. Just four birds species were written in my notebook, the first was LESSER REDPOLL (57), the first this month flew over the small holding as I passed through on my way to the lakes, the second was REDWING (58) another first for the month, 3 dropped into the Scrubby Woods as I scanned the lakes, where there was nothing of note today. The third and fourth species in my notebook were KESTREL and BUZZARD, both were seen over the Greenhouse Grounds as I trudged home across the very wet Ashes lane Fields.

This afternoon brightened up considerably, but I had to wait in for the call to pick my mother up from the hospital, so while I waited, I attempted to get some shots of the garden birds at my feeders, which I only put back out this morning after taking them down because of the continued Sparrowhawk attacks. I sat for over an hour, but didn't take a single photo, the birds are still too wary to come in!


Marc Heath said...

At least you are managing to get out and do some birding Warren. I made a quick visit to Reculver tonight and connected with a beauty!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Well you did try Warren....Hope mother is OK.