Friday, 19 June 2015

No post yesterday, as the broadband in my area was not working for some reason, which wasn't anything to do with unpaid bills, despite what some have said  :-)

Anyway, not much was missed, the only real occurrence of note was the finding of the first PIED WAGTAIL young of the year, two were being fed on the lawn of a large garden off Ashes lane.

Today, in some warm sunshine, but a cooling wind, things picked up a bit with another addition to the 'successfully bred' year list being found, that being the SONGTHRUSH, three very lively and healthy looking recently fledged birds flew from a dense bush at the Small Holding area, this brings the total number of species with fledged young to 29.

Among the other 42 species seen today, were a couple of new ones for the months list, the first being a KINGFISHER (55) that was seen at the main lake, I didn't count on that one turning up this month, the other was  HOUSE MARTIN (56) at least five flew over along with a few SWIFTS.

The regular three raptor species were all seen up hunting this morning, those being KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK and BUZZARD, but a real bonus raptor species for the month was seen later in the afternoon when a RED KITE (57) flew low over my garden, superb! Just 3 species needed this month now to equal the lowest June tally ever and 7 to reach the mean average tally for June!

Back to yesterday for todays images. I had a visit to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve, which was teeming with damsels and the odd Dragon, allowing for some photographs  :-)

This is a ''Rufescens'' form of the female Blue Tailed Damselfly

There lots of these Banded Demoiselles about too

A couple of Black Tailed Skimmers were found

The whole place was heaving with common Blue Damselflies

Some were found in 'Tandem'

Others were mating


Marc Heath said...

Quality images mate.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marc,
Nice to get out and find plenty of Odonata!

Wilma said...

I feel your pain re the internet connection. I haven't posted a new blog in weeks because our connection is too slow to upload images. Glad you are up and running again.

Derek Faulkner said...

Bit harsh on the wife, you selling the tellie, what's she gonna do while you're out birding all day.
I quote from Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor - "she laments sir,... her husband goes this morning a-birding"

Johnnykinson said...

You take a mean odonata image Warren. Seeing the fine hairs on those Damsels made the hairs on my neck stand up !!!! Corking stuff.

Phil said...

Great shots Warren. Particularly like the ( broad) Banded demoiselles :-)