Friday, 26 June 2015

Scattered cloud this morning broke to give some very warm sunshine by mid morning, with a moderate southerly wind picking up by midday.

A full patch walk, which lasted 5 hours, was undertaken today, during which 45 species were found, most of those appearing early on in the visit, as the warmer it got the fewer birds showed! Bullfinch and Long Tailed Tit were the only missed species out of the regulars that can be found in the Wet Woods/Scrubby Woods, but whilst I was in the latter habitat I found the first BLACKCAP young of the year, with at least 2 being seen with both adult birds. Another species was added to the 'successfully bred' list this morning, the MALLARD, a female was seen with a quite well grown youngster in one of the large gardens attached to the Wet Woods, better late than never!

About halfway through my visit, as I walked along High House Lane, I scanned over the bean crop at Bustard Hill, where I was pleased to see the 60th species of the month flyover, a BLACK HEADED GULL (60), this at least means this June wont be on its own as the June with the fewest species seen, it has now reached the the same total as achieved in 2004.

Other bits and pieces worth mentioning were the sighting of two BUZZARDS over the Ashes Lane Fields, the KESTRELS up hunting over the Greenhouse Grounds / Migrant Alley and the WHITETHROAT pair at the Greenhouse Grounds are still bringing food in to the nest site, so still no fledged young from them yet! 16 CANADA GEESE were on the main lake, along with the GREYLAG GOOSE that accompanies the now well grown Canada goslings and their parents.

Photo's for today come from my garden  :-)




Marc Heath said...

Quality woody shot Warren. That green background really draws the eye to the subject well.

Warren Baker said...

I had to crop the image, as the Screw in the log wasn't quite what I had wanted !

Pete Woodruff said...

28c today at Gravesend I hear Warren. Your immature GSW portrait is excellent.