Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The blue sky early this morning slowly filled in with cloud as the day progressed, a moderate wind help keep temperatures on the low side for mid summer.

I spent 6 hours carrying out a full patch walk, in which 45 species were found, none being new for the June list and no new recently fledged young were found either, a bit disappointing. Most of the regular Pittswood species were seen or heard, the majority of those in the Scrubby Woods and lakes area, with GOLDCREST, NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER, COAL TIT, CHIFFCHAFF, BLACKCAP, BULLFINCH, STOCK DOVE, JAY, MISTLETHRUSH, GREAT SPOTTED and GREEN WOODPECKERS the best of what was seen or heard, the only omission that could have been anticipated was the Long Tailed Tit. There was no sign of the female Mandarin Duck and her young on the main lake, only 14 CANADA GEESE, 5 MALLARDS and 2 MOORHENS were seen.

I spent some time this morning watching the KESTRELS at the Greenhouse Grounds, the young were at the edge of the nest box, allowing for a few photo's. Nearby I could here the WHITETHROATS scolding, but I have still not found any fledged young from them. An adjacent field of silage that had been cut last week was being turned by a tractor, as it threw the cut grass around, there were a a dozen SWIFTS and 4 HOUSE MARTINS taking advantage of the disturbed insects, one of the few activities from the intensively farmed fields here that benefits the birds, albeit very briefly!

An hour spent watching the sky from my seat at Migrant Alley produced very little, the best being LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, HERRING GULL, BUZZARD and GREY HERON.

Looks like there are two young in the box this year, although there may just be a smaller one at the back  :-)

Before I get accusations of ''pointing a long lens into the nest box and disturbing wildlife'' the box is 12 meters up on a metal frame work, which is in a very busy courtyard full of people and vehicles, so I was barely noticed  :-)

The female bird alighted nearby after bringing in a prey item, then sat preening for while


Derek Faulkner said...

Point taken Warren and nice that you accept that silage making does have a benefit, even if it temporary.

Johnnykinson said...

Superb Kestrel images Warren. Both adult & Juvenile.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for that for that John, hopefully they will successfully fledge by months end :-)

Wilma said...

Never too many baby bird shots, especially kestrels!